The Unclean Spirit Finds Emptiness Matthew 12:44‭-‬45 

When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walks through dry places, seeking and finding none.
Then he saith, I will return into my house from whence I came out; and when he returns, he find it empty, swept, and garnished.   Then he goes, and returns with seven other spirits more wicked than himself.  They then enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that man now becomes worse than the first.  Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation.

The verse from Mathew 44 to 45 warns us of the keeping of our house, our inner Temple of God never empty but ever full of God’s light and joy.  Invoke and invite the prayers of Saints, in the name of the Father, son and the Holy Spirit and ask them to pray for you.  Most especially pray and worship the one and only God the Father, God the son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit for having wiped clean your inner temple and giving you a second chance. 

Show gratitude and appreciation for the renewal, post within a main room and\or within the newly healed person’s reach a prayer of exorcism to be said daily.  In expectation that the returning demon not find your house empty lest he now enlist seven more spirits to help with your subjagation.  Instruct him, remain with him and enlist his loved ones to pray, asking God to protect the newly healed.  
Do not leave your house empty after having dispersed the initially weaker spirit.  Instead invite God, Christ and the Holy Spirit to fill the emptiness with love, forgiveness and mercy, and affirm that the newly healed person will take steps to pray and that he has supportive people praying for him.   

If not done, the state of emptiness left without works of love and prayer will thereby be left unprepared and in a stupor, unaware of the much needed waging of a war of attrition and spiritual care.  
The latter spiritual care is the showing of effort to start over fresh.  It does not have to be intense and elaborate but the showing of efforts by him and loved ones, community or anyone with true faith based intention to help that person by making them aware of how to work to better themselves.  

Notice that the unclean spirit found no place to settle in and so no perfection is required because I’m sure this demon attempted here and there but found none and so it returns to find the same person empty.  
This signals to negative spirits to now take advantage of this as to the grander mission of demons to consume and wage an even bigger battle where a battle was lost but is now vulnerable.  The Temple of the person was won over from one weaker spirit, but the intention of those who cared for the person left they’re duties undone without even a mustard seed of help afterwards.   The intention of the spiritual care taker and the parents or family contributing to building this person and defending is left up to the demons to weigh the situation and raid this opportunity filled with weakness, laziness, carelessness, proud boasts, and a spirit of error, merely open ing a gate to a host of consequential possibilities.  

This state of the renewed person’s environment could even be signaling an opportunity for community possession or a demons gamble depending on the numbers being foreseen as defenseless and sinfully ripe. 

If a person who casts out in the name of God then does not leave instruction to protect the renewed and cleansed person is merely qworkimg under the spirit of error.  The very nature of the dispersed spirit. 

The effortless state is a sign of an eventual return to sin.  The state of ingratitude and stupor then creates the very guaranteed bargain to be gained by the same demon and his other more powerful demons. They see the opportunity to fill the void and reek the havoc of soul corruption  and bloodshed.  They will take advantage of this very obvious opportunity to decay and consume the soul of this person.  
It may be also that such an empty state is a condition of the lifestyle wherein the person resided is not of the nature to manage and care for the spiritual welfare of this renewed person.  And so the conducting of an expulsion of an unclean spirit is a matter preparing the person to see the importance of attrition and filling his or her inner Temple of God with genuine daily prayers of thanks.   

The act of emptying the mind and heart leaves one vulnerable because it idolizes the concept of emptying and is a trick of Satan to denounce and empty thyself of God himself.   This is a clear invitation for unclean spirits to then settle into this undecided, unknowing state, the saying that no immediate filling is a mere sign of an intent to sin again when the urge then should return seven fold.   By  JRCarrillo author of: The Phases of Revelation


 No Lesser or Greater Sin in the Ten Commandments

There is error disguised as a common self righteous proclamation that adultery and murder of the Ten Commandments is the greater  of sins. 

There is no excuse and hyperbole intended by the tongue having the capacity for unrestrained negativity, vulgarity, profanity, offensive, deceitful and hurtful words.  This in turn shapes physical action and is in no way different from the verbal utterance of lying, false witness and murder by the tongue itself or sin thereof. 
There is no justifying one over the other in cyclical blaming one over another. The latter is an open door. When the intangible, evil spirit of a demon makes a suggestion, it speaks to a readied ear to self harm or harm another by means of any of the sins in the Ten Commandments. 

No commandment path taken by sin stands alone but happens in simultaneous and or chain event fashion.  All of it is intertwined and giving rise to another. This is the essence of our corruption and decay. One may profoundly happen more so in one versus another, but all in collective divisiveness of families, communities and onward onto larger ranks giving rise to each other’s sin. 

Satan reigns in unseen and intangible rank, and so how can a physical act be separate from an act occurring in spiritual to mental fashion or venial to overt sin ongoing from a given person’s point in time versus that of another person’s time? 

Time here is of the essence versus eternity. One brick gives rise to another and persistence gives rise to an outlet if with no confession.  

We spin our wheels on what we perceive to be the greater sin but all the while we are, in turn covetous and giving false witness. No sin is greater. No man is immune at any given time, nor has any man ever been found worthy but Christ himself.  By  JRCarrillo author of: The Phases of Revelation

Inducing The Fall of Babylon

In our midst thrieves the words of deceit. Not Christian but it calls itself Christian to deceive souls.  

It must implant, into Babylon’s governing womb, the evil spirit that mixes thereof, the ripened readiness of their god to take this governing title. It wholeheartedly seeks this dark honor. 

A warlock knowing the power to the taking of the governing title of Babylon. That it thereby take it upon itself, all means of opportunity, to begin a process of sacrificing the ripened, readied state of division, collapse and the fall of his god’s beloved mistress.

That the many that dwell in her be now of abundantly and luxuriously, sinfully fattened enough – for the harvest of death. Its seedlings are excessive prosperity void of the God once trusted.  

Her peoples of innocense, all of them that worked to build her for a wage, now wage a protest against this crowned protector. They are the taunted innocence this evil seeks to provoke to destroy you and I as terrorist of this state. 

This evil longs for the collapse to consume the sinner soul deceived with the love of luxury and dwell in abundance for a period enough to acquire globality. Saddened merchants weep from afar in wait of their own fiery demise. 

Thereof feeds the legions of this intent to mobilize into death the blood of many. Betrayed and of no borders, a traitor or not, a liar attractive to the nature of his borderless flock whom he summons from amidst the ruins to survive.  

They’re head of state has placed its curse upon this seat of power. Making this all powerful crown perfectly chaotic, and to thereof be under its control, to summon the possession. This is the appeal to his god. By  JRCarrillo author of: The Phases of Revelation

 THE 1ST SEAL: The Meaning Of “Bent On Conquest” 

A white horse! Its rider held a bow, and he was given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest.

The Meaning of “Bent On Conquest” in the Book of Revelation captures the meaning of the First Seal and the phase that is a necessary staging for the inevitable human nature. It is the ground breaking beginnings of collective and powerful constellations that have naturally occurred and continue to occur as necessary for the remaining Seals to thrust forth onto a global scale. This encompasses “globalism” as a characteristic of finality because it involves you and I, and everyone on the face of this earth.  The collective image of a rider on a white horse with a bow, with a crown characterizes the immense, end time globality of this conquering archetypal hero, slash warrior image.  The latter image is symbolic of a worldly figure and not the pure image of the true warrior and hero archetypes.  This energy is a sub catergory of the Shadow archetype. The negative warrior/hero and conqueror that is not in balance with the divine power of Christ, of whom, is the truely crowned King, Warrior and Hero.  This is the first of the Seals progressive phases, it’s a modern age calamity, climaxing like never before seen since the Great Flood destroyer during the age of Noah.  It is the final staging platform for our inevitable human nature with a profound and unjust conquering characteristic of self righteousness, vanity and pride.  It once again rides out destined for destruction as it has done so throughout centuries past.  But this time around, what is very unique to our modern age is human natures ability to go “global”.  This is the unique “crown” given to him.

The “crown” is the modern ages global culture, bombarded with delusion inducing dramatizations and false heroics of a violent and sinful nature.  The purpose of such a nature is “survival of the fittest” style philosophies that dominate the final age.  These are heroic rescues that are portraying a masculine image that is physically overcoming their enemies and subduing them in a vain and arrogant display of physical strength.  This conquering, shrewd demonstration of pride and self righteousness encompasses the dominant global culture, the dollar currency, the materialism, the “ME Generation”, the climate decline, a culture of death and dark greed marketing.  Everything feeds the bent on conquest tendency and the behavior of a society’s erroneously founded political, social, economic and destructively warped version of Democracy.

We rush to the spoils eager to conquer with a presumed trait of righteousness and moral responsibility, yet a mere assumption born from arrogance lacking in diplomacy, tolerance, temperance, morality and proper weighing versus the race and class based accusation of an exploited minority and denial of the driving evil force settling in on a significant national scale like the birthing of a globalized Nazi Germany.  The latter is an extreme but extremes is what we’re faced with as this age comes to a uniquily globalized fruition never before seen till now.

Their sole drive and justification for conquest is ripe for a time when no system of moral philosophy, religion or moral disbelief gives justification for war and murder.  The circumstances and complexities of the times, seek to justify opportunity and are a direct result of the nature and substance purpose for war.  Given mankind is archaically geared to justify survival first before the survival of an immaterial religious system, it is pretty remarkable to justify ones death by voluntarily handing themselves freely to an enemy who presumes you as the enemy as well, and will kill you if the global situation calls for persecution and war.

If a segment of mankind is targeted for persecution, on some basis of rationale, then this is definitely a state of war with that particular segment.  This remains as such, even though that segment of the population does not recognize war as a means of resolve.  I must here state again that this is not a matter of “resolve” or “diplomacy” because the latter defeats the purpose of God’s plan of judgment and vengeance, of which will be the “resolve”, or the Wrath of God. The goal then is to await the coming of Christ who will resolve this divinely ordered process of tribulation, desolation, judgment, and the new age of Heaven and Earth.  This is contradictory to physical survival and the past ways of resolving political issues by diplomacy or war.  Conflicting, but yet fitting for a system of belief that is geared toward spiritual survival.

Our goal is “to make it through the tribulation” as Revelation states.  The latter is said, not as survival in worldly terms, but rather as a theme of grander proportions and held in a time when the grander theme is under the concept of “Last Days”.  This means that the old world is coming to a close and a new heaven and earth are coming of age.  So what age should we strive to survive for? Is it the one that is passing away or the new age?  To die in the spirit of truth and await Christ as the One Who will handle the resolve, instead of letting the spirit of error and worldly diplomacy be the resolve in this matter of “End Days” and “Judgment”.

Having said the latter, are we to compromise with the world when civilization begins to collapse? Do not go under from atop the roof top where the cock crows to awaken us to a new age, lest you get snared by the world and die spiritually for the sake of physical life and the short time thereafter.  Do not compromise with the glamor of this luxurious demon of deception.  We have all heard the slogan and Bible verse stating that if you, “Live by the sword, you will die by the sword…”  As far as I am concerned, there is nothing morally stated about this statement, other than to state that if you use the sword as a means of defending yourself and your family, in the near future from the persecutors, know that you will face a high possibility of dying by the very means you used against the enemy.  War automatically carries the potential of provoking many upon many justifications and acts of vengeance.  It will be all encompassing and all engaging, from vengeance, to heroics, to rescuing, to martyrs, to Saints to all that you can think of and relate to an ongoing war between good and evil.  The persecution will engage man no matter what religion you belong to.  The cause and side your on will make a difference, as one side will be those marked by the blood of the lamb while the other will be marked by the beast.  On one side is the spirit of truth and on the other the spirit of error, this side will have many sects, denominations and beliefs seeking freedom from the perceived tyranny of the Church of God.  There are a few protestant sects that are professing that the Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon, the revival of the Roman Empire and other similar type rhetoric that will play in the minds of many as motivation to fight against what they will perceive as anti-Christ.  In fact they will be anti-Christ themselves.

I say again, the Church will be “perceived” as the enemy of Democracy, a terrorist Church organization desiring world conquest, when in fact God’s calling through the Witnesses will be a gathering for the cause of “division” and judgment.  The “perception” will be misunderstood by those who do not connect with the Holy Spirit, by those who did not hear God’s calling, by those who are consciously and unconsciously loyal to Lucifer the beast, by those who want to hold on to the world.

This is finally it, Satan has been kicked out of heaven and he is furious.  He will blame and accuse, flood waters will pour forth from the dragon’s mouth.  He wants to corrupt and rule amidst the sheep, enslave them and contaminate them, use them to rebuild Babylon etc.  Know that our fate and destination after we die is to thereafter “await” until all members are dead or have “made it through the tribulation”; in order to thereafter await in heaven clothed in white robes upon joining the great crowd as is stated in Revelation.  Our times are about “all” mankind, all of us.  So this concept defeats all attempts at resolution.

Can you imagine if the Christian Church were to be cast into a position above any and all worldly provinces and powers?  This would be a means of befriending and compromise in the order of the current world we live in.  By way of the Witnesses, we should rule the nations with an “iron rod” and to Shepherd the Flock in an uncompromising manner, in order to protect us from contamination and from compromising ourselves on an individual basis.  Many will sell themselves to the world by their own choice.  And so this is a filtering process as well, even though many sheep will fall through the cracks in a rightful manner.  So does it really matter at what point we die during the second half of the tribulation? No it does not, whether it is by the sword or by voluntary choice. If you make it through the tribulation without compromising yourself and die for God, the Spirit of Truth, you will have made it through the tribulation of those days in proper recognition by God who loves you and wants to preserve you spiritually.

Many an hour will come in the last period before Christ returns.  You may be saying, “But what about them, will they die?”  I feel that I have said enough to this effect, “all” mankind will come before God.  For example, if God were to remove all of the oxygen from the face of the earth, would it not be that “all” mankind were to die?  Yes, this is generally an example of the global magnitude of the plagues that will consume “all” mankind who are not marked by the Blood of the Lamb. Please get this concept, this theme of “end days” from here on if you haven’t already.   The Tribulation is a time when all men, ALL men will come before judgment.  “Everyone will be found…” no matter if they have built elaborate and expensive bunkers or cave dwellings etc for themselves, they WILL be found!  The Holy Spirit knows and dwells all around.  The latter is a rule of nature and God.  It is part of creation that all men be found and brought before God on judgment day.  Make no mistake and do not doubt this, but rather “love it” because justice has finally come forever.  The latter is a guiding rule that cannot be changed.  What will convince the Roman Catholic Church to believe in this sensitive belief that we must now put down surviving for this world, because its purpose and the example of Christ is now wide spread and we are now prepared to lay down our lives just as Christ did.  His method was not to come out fighting like a righteous king of the day would but it was extremely revolutionary to see that a king would hand himself over and be killed as a show of conquest.  But even amidst a strong spiritual survival theme it becomes necessary and first and foremost to survive physically first along with saving loved ones.  So, of which of these is the wiser of the two choices?  Christ, for example, believed on the contrary and did as his nature and divine wisdom had him do, which was in total contradiction to the world’s priority belief of physical survival first and spiritual survival second.  He defied the rules of human nature.  How could we have had a belief system, founded by Christ or Catholicism, survive for 2,000 years if we had just simply given up and died out?  This world is for such a belief to survive because this is the way of this world, and amidst this world this belief must survive to attain power and control for the sake of the necessary cause of Christianity.

The cause of Christ would not have prevailed if left to those who did not believe in the one true hope left for this world.  It was a necessary conquest to evangelize lands where there was no hope for the Word of God.  This was the driving force behind a necessary power and conquest amidst a dark world ruled by non-Christian beliefs, and so it had to be made known in even the most defiant of lands.  In an imperfect world man persisted in proclaiming that Christ had come into the world to save us. In modern days, the Church has to take a firm stand amidst an enemy that is “bent on conquest”.  The conquerors ideals are rampantly deteriorating mankind as it has been foretold.  The First Seal is the building of Babylon process and once it has built a foundation then we see that she begins to define herself as Babylon by taking herself to any and all heights free of moral restraints and boundaries with great “luxury”, “glory” and “boasts”.   A conquering ideological and political entity is unrestrained by any set of moral boundaries, even though they may speak of great things of God and gods, they do not “fear” God, but worship survival and power and control as first and foremost before any matters of faith are adopted.  They are mere products of “luxury” to be sold for profits and a “bent on conquest” mentality.

They do not consider peace and happiness until they are at the top of the food chain of their self-proclaimed habitat, they are usurious predators thriving amidst the sheep and lambs.  And then when their markets and economies die they blame and accuse the innocent sheep and lambs and kill them as food for their god of death and destruction.  When their control is threatened they are agitated and produce no more goods.  Only then does this idiot of nature begin to profit from death and destruction.

As you can see this animal is the flock of Satan, they do his dealing and diplomacy and compromising within all ranks of business and government which it overwhelms.  The ideology becomes enveloped by this poison which is “good” for the time being, the status quo but yet poisonous in the long run. “Bent on conquest” is a disease of agnosticism, greed, power, doubt, the evil fear, hopelessness, and faithlessness which eventually leads to the pale horse, the Seal of Death.

As you see in the order of the Seals, that one must come before the next one comes.  They thrive on the going and most profitable market where they converge onto the money making possibilities and churn out every possible cent and penny that can be generated from the newly found market.   They taunt and agitate all of mankind with their imbalanced ways.  It is a white horseman riding out in glory, a false rescuer of mankind, a want to be god, a fragment of modern day humanity agnostically sailing amidst troubled waters, they ride them like heroes not seeing how they are creating the very turbulence they ride upon, and in turn use for their self-gains and blames.  They taunt their own enemies and holler for justice in manners most profound than those of others.  The horseman’s ideology is self -proclaiming that which he has made his own, yet calling it Biblically correct, yet politically intertwined with the very times.  Yet it is far from it, yet they do not see nor do they care to see because this is not their purpose.  It is a product of division and defiance from that which he consciously or unconsciously wishes to contradict and defy.  His nature is competitive while holding the Word of God in his hand, the horseman’s bow sort of speak, but not holding it in his heart.  He is a defiled heathen bent on conquest by running away with the spoils, takes the rewards of here and now, proclaims Christian things but when he is not in power he does nothing Christian until his power appetite is satisfied. His audacity is the one that will defy the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, because he wants to be the first to make it there, a foretold great glory that is to occur there and that is to ultimately place himself in the middle of it.  And when he lands in the middle of it, it will be of his own manipulation to place himself their as it is written by he himself and not as it is written by God Himself.

He has planned and plotted to be first to this glorious moment in history so that he may finalize his great plan of deception and false belief.  He thinks prophecy is about him.  He calls himself a Christian but is not a Christian.

The horseman is concretized, constant state of protest and cannot be shaped properly to be Christian because his “bent on conquest” mindset must subdue first before considering anything of faith, love and happiness.

Once his god is intact then and only then does he rest assured.    Once on top then they begin to profit off of the next available and profitable ideation in the hierarchy of needs.  They are like locusts consuming all things wherever it may arise to thrive, whether it be by coveting, owning properties or marketing water, all the land they own and I mean all land they claim where you must even pay a fee.  They have mastered the art of opportunism by taking it by any and all means whether it is by way of stealing, murder, covetousness, adultery, and every one of the Ten Commandments they will violate and sacrifice to their demonic god of “profit” and “opportunity”.  All for the sake of a love for glory and power but yet an empty glory to serve mere glory for a competitive hierarchical placement.

He means no harm, with a smile he says, but yet he means to harm only if you propose to impose a proper manner of control over their system of control or corrective Christian belief amidst their so called beliefs.  Their beliefs are not, at all, consistent or organized or Godly collective, nor are they in line with the Holy Spirit.  He is simply unfounded because he simply serves another god, one which he calls a Christian god.  But yet he is an abomination with the audacity to proclaim even himself as a god.  He is confused and limited in heartfelt capacity but plentiful in mind felt illnesses of pride and arrogance. He is defiant and limited to an “outsiders” version of a proper spiritual mindset because he cannot be changed from his archaic goal.  He is of the flock of Satan, of who once defeated in heaven during the witness proclamation, he will be faced with “no option” but to submit to the one and only God.  This is the “fury” of the Dragon once he discovers he has been cast out.

Just like God has His beloved flock, Satan also has his flock.  This is the “division” that must occur as a cleansing and filtration process that will reach a refinement stage during the 2nd half of the tribulation.  If the “bent on conquest” flock cannot withstand God’s control in everyday living, do you really think they will withstand and pass through the tribulation’s patience and endurance requirements?  Their nature prohibits them and so their only option is to confide in themselves which leads to the abyss.  And then on judgment day they will ask something that goes like this: “But God where have we gone wrong, how could it be, we gave your flock everything from the cup of Babylon, we shared our luxury with them, we gave and gave till they were filled and fattened but yet you treat us like this.  We, WE built Babylon, not them!”  And so he remains cursed, he remains bent on conquest in order to take any and all means to worship physical survival, remedial carnal ideals and half-wit philosophies and religious beliefs. The all too common consequences is destruction.

This illness has even created a bomb to end all wars, he calls it a “nuclear bomb”, and as such they have justified keeping the peace, or world peace by way of fear.  A missile as world peace leaves a frowning question in the mind of the spiritual, moral, ethical and civic community because it also has the potential to destroy the earth.   Unusual yet made acceptable; and better yet the Word of God resides immediately accessible for the purpose of possible defensive and competitive argument.  In the back of his mind is a form of world peace but not in the foremost of his mind because of the hindrance it would have as he strives for economic and heroic power.   All religion is second while the priority is economic in nature, of which in turn, he does not comprehend that a Religious priority can also be a foundation for proper rewards and fruitfulness.

They fear death if ever a religion were to be placed as a first and foremost ideology.   He rides a white horse as such, having taken every fragment of Christianity and made it his own, a means through which he empowers himself in the eyes of the world.  He is a knight in shining armor, a false hero yet justifiably a hero amidst the world he created for himself.  He is a deceptive vehicle for any and all types of ideologies and technologies with which he is determined to take the world with him given his newly found purpose of conquest.  His thrives on his so called rights, yet his manners amidst a more proper world is the mere manners of a harlot seducing mankind to look up to his heroic rescuing capacity, the many items of goods and services in excessive abundance and thriving upon every success by way of developing a marketing theory for his success.  He does not realize due to his material intoxications the many an error in greed and survival of the fittest ideals that are taking a moral toll on humanity.

He is backwards, he is anti-Christ yet he does not know it.  Yet he spends many a time on proving he is not anything of the sort for the sake of ego defensiveness, conquest, power and control.  He is but a sick child currently running the world, running and ruining creation and any and all that gets in his way.  The white horseman image generally encompasses mankind being his absolute vainly best.  A creation on top of another creation which are sold inland and abroad in exchange for this and that until all peoples thrive on it and become dependent upon it as a product or system of necessity but yet it is an addiction of false leadings.  This is Babylon the city of riches and exchange, a measure of mankind’s most vain potential, void of fear and God. He strives to all heights without restraint and moderation.  He seeks and seeks more and more while his fellow competitive neighbor does the same to keep up with this enriching method.  It becomes a method to be exalted above God.

The spirit of Satan easily thrives and creates images of one abomination on top of another.  The more the lack of gratitude and grace the more he prospers from the bullying gifts of a hidden beast.  The spirit of this beast grows and grows until it becomes a Harlot sitting upon a Huge Red Dragon which is destined to fall.   This harlot is mistakenly perceived to be good and attractive, but yet it is very evil once it is at its most glorious heights.  But when the Harlot falls, the huge red beast remains uncontrolled by any system of governance, it continues on a course of destruction till all is consumed. This is the locusts.  It is a progressive illness that perhaps began a generation ago and snowballed into what society is today.

I must here emphasize that our modern age is uniquely occurring with a drama never before seen.  So who is likened by the beast and who will fight against it?  Can you let go and let God?  Can you do so even if it means letting go of wealth and material happiness?   Will you survive by embracing weapons, the mark of the beast and worldly security or by embracing an unarmed spiritual survival?  Christ turned the other cheek and Satan despised it so much that he beat Him in order to break Him but he never succeeded.  Christ knows that they rule by fear and bullying.  In actuality the barbarian bully is a dragon consuming an unarmed lamb (like the holocaust Jews and Catholics, Christians and many other unsuspecting innocent people).  It is definitely about a single choice, as there are many goats in Satan’s pin bent on some kind of righteous conquest as Revelation portrays the white horse.

The cult of the “bad seed” who will have the audacity and vanity to stand in front of the woman that is about to give birth in order to claim and consume onto himself all righteousness.  They want to take and take resources till all is consumed, even take the Glory that is God’s and take it for themselves.  As it is written in Revelation 12:4, “The dragon stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth, so that it might devour her child the moment it is born.” This means that Christ’s Words and God’s proclamations left by His witnesses will be snatched out in an attempt to devour or mock the great calling from God.  God is angry at this persistent show of ingratitude and His Wrath cannot be turned back. All deeds have already reached a magnitude beyond mercy and grace.  The Dragon’s pitiful and worldly wrath is about to unleash wars, death, persecution and division of his own as if he is God himself.  Board the ship, my friends, the times are unfolding and the “great crowd” will be amassing soon in order to await the great renewal. I want to leave you with this from Mathew 13:36-43.  Declare unto us the parable of the tares of the field. The parable in Mt 13:24-30.  By a comparison we may learn: (1) the kingdom is likened to a man sowing good seed in his field. (2) The Sower is the Son of Man, who sows by means of his kingdom. (3) The good seed is the word of God as seen in its fruits, Christ’s followers. (4) The field is the world. It is Christ’s field. All power is given to him in heaven and in earth. His kingdom is rightfully the whole earth, but much of it is held still by the enemy, who has to be conquered. He will prevail finally, and the kingdoms of the earth shall become the kingdom of the Lord and his Christ. (5) The wheat raised from the good seed is the children of the kingdom, the Disciples of Christ converted by his word. (6) The tares are not bad church members, but bad men; those who have been under the influence of the wicked one. (7) The righteous and wicked are to remain in the earth together. The righteous are not to exterminate the wicked.  The evil and the good will be mixed until judgment day. (8) Then all shall be gathered at the throne of judgment. The righteous shall inherit the kingdom. All that are wicked shall be cast out of the kingdom. By  JRCarrillo author of: The Phases of Revelation

The Symbolic Nature of Babylon

The guiding concept behind Babylon is a man constantly falling and getting up for survival.  Man since his original sin has been in the fallen state and has since been raising himself up, with little fear of God growing and developing in the process.  The “raising up” in many fashions has evolved into growing accustomed to the vain state, a state of survival of the fittest and embracing fearlessness, growing apart from God as the predominant ideal.  We have merely adapted and have made the best out of the fallen state of the human condition.  Man has conditioned himself with an innate acquaintance with his need to get up again and again, time and time again, one trial on top of another until all material structures reflect his material perfection.  

This has instinctively accumulated to a point of technological, architectural, scientific, geological, psychological, biological and medical breakthroughs.  This pride has justified the creations of man to promote himself, to help others and empower himself by mere nature of his own doings.  It is as if God intended us to develop and grow a necessary trait out of this trial and error condition.  It is a process of creation, yet the time elapsed does not let us see God’s full intention behind this great suffering.  The flock is the cream of the crop, those that have remained as close to God as they possibly can in light of the distancing and fallen condition.

And so on and on continues his ever increasing appetite for discovery, but yet with a major paradoxical twist in the form of a long term cost and consequence.  Although we do not see the price of what we sow in the here and now, mankind’s perspective is a mass denial for the sake of empowering himself with the present rewards of his creations and accomplishments.  The long term effects are not foreseen and if they are foreseen then they are to be dealt with when the time arises.  

We become blind to the outcomes that are all in themselves self-fulfilling prophecies, a subconsciously known path that is undeniable; all for the sake of present tense gratifications, prestige, competitiveness, the need for power and control.  While to God’s flock it is a passive restraint from overindulgence and destruction as we can best manage it in light of numerous circumstances.  Every accomplishment gives us the empowerment we need to gratify our appetites in a variety of ways from one person to the next.  A human race that is racing toward a common theme that escalates and builds itself higher and higher; it is like an ever increasing standard and quality that sees no end.  

Mankind continues this path.  In the present tense, this has amounted to the Huge Red Dragon motif, a deity of evil that is surely headed to its destruction as Revelation says.    Beyond moderation, beyond a proper balance, beyond that which God intended and even beyond fear of God and most dangerously an over grown immoral courage. A lack of proper temperament and misguided moderation that feeds a Huge Red Dragon or beast up to now. This is the massive appetite of humanity.  We do this so much that we then reach a point of no return.  We have not put in place a proper institution to regulate human nature and its drive to reach beyond the limits.  

This is because mankind draws satisfaction, reinforcement and self-empowerment from it.  A dependence and preference for the “grinding at the mill” choice in Jesus’ parable that, “two women will be grinding at the mill, one will be taken and the other left grinding at the mill” sort of speak.  The fact that Christ instituted Himself as the sacrifice for this fallen state is part of the necessary refinement and creation completion of mankind.  The portions of men that grow and cultivate arrogance do so by choice and quality of their spirituality if any then is left up to this modern point in time.  

From this power he shuns the lowly, a segment that imperfectly, but at best properly reflects on simple issues of life and respect for it.  He gratefully involves Godly interference prior to actions, as opposed to looking to God only after certain behaviors have been engaged in, from whence our own doings instigate a consequence.  But of what limits do we reach toward to attain?  What limits do we entertain and which ones do we not entertain?  Who questions and who does not?  A mind engages in certain activities while others do not for fear of an outcome, a predicament foreseen by a mind that refrains from such outcomes.  And so onward onto a culture and how it defines its priorities.  Is God in the formula as first and foremost or is God just the opiate of the masses, sort of speak? Does God come first before political ideology, or is God placed in a position where He is the guiding principle of political ideologies?  This in turn, tames this cultural thrust to reflect a humble and moderate outcome. Do we persist to go beyond the limits because if we do not, then we will be over-run by our enemies?  Herein is the test of time and where a guiding rule overwhelms us for the sake of the question of survival.  And so the Symbolic Tower of Babel remains incomplete. 

Man must persist as a man of a competitive nature, this evolves as an essential instinct that we must take up as a defense of ourselves and our nation.  No nation or a man with a family can do without it in a world based on the fallen state of human nature.  It persists to decay all mankind, not because it was a thought out process and intended as such, but because it is a concept that has developed over the passage of time by trial and error.  What ways can we embrace that will guide us in a proper direction but to embrace the ways of God, of which in turn, guide us down a path of righteousness.  

A people taking up such righteousness has somehow grouped itself over time because they shared common traits of true faith and suffered similar challenges and have survived and evolve into a refined flock that models the gold and state of refinement that was intended all along since Adam and Eve. This is the modern, globalized Christian Flock wherein resides a soul refined through the ages and with which Heaven is now ready to join with. A modern flock characterizing a patience and endurance that has crafted into the gold that God intended to yield.  

It is time now, a goal attained and an Earth impregnated by the conquering of God’s flock. As a result of the righteous traits and values they chose to retain, versus groups of people who have migrated toward the very nature of a hostile culture that is evolving a definitive ideology that now guides wicked people.  Tested by time and trial and error, like a filtering process, we become who we are and how we survive and win over and protect against our enemies.  By  JRCarrillo author of: The Phases of Revelation

The Meaning of 1000 Years In Revelation

Below is an excerpt from my book The Phases Reveleation,  Chapter 17: The 7th Seal.  My interpretation below is in my Index along with further assessments on the meaning of the 1000 years as not meaning years but a timeless state descending upon the earth in gradual manners. Please enjoy and ask me any questions you may have:

The mystery of the vision.  The following wording of verses 4 and 5 is fashioned as such by the Holy Spirit because, as the entire Book of Revelation is also, it is in vision form or dream like format and the essential distortion is necessary to maintain this period as a thousand years.  In other words, it is the Holy Spirits way of saying, “I’m not going to tell you”; just as Christ chose a parable rather than the telling of the day of His return.  It is the visions way of not revealing specific times by way of distorting the picture.  We can all maybe recall a dream with such images.  This is the mystery of the vision or dream-like spiritual experience to depict an image or period as fuzzy (like a “surprise”) to the eyes or ears and senses of the person experiencing this.  If it is announced, as it is written in Revelation 20, as 1000 or mill annus, in other words it is a time not for you to write down.  It is known by our innermost nature where God and the Holy Spirit reside, that this should be distorted given its significance per our sake and fate.

Having said the latter, let us now look at verses 4 and 5:  “And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony about Jesus and because of the word of God.  They had not worshiped the beast…. They came to life and reigned with Christ a thousand years. (The rest of the dead did not come to life until the thousand years were ended.) This is the first resurrection. Blessed and holy are those who share in the first resurrection. The second death has no power over them, but they will be priests of God and of Christ and will reign with him for a thousand years.”  The first resurrection is the many inspired into priestly duty.  The “they” indicates that these are a special type of person or a group of people who will be resurrected, in contrast to the “rest of the dead”.  In other words, they will be awakened, or “came to life”, and “they will be priests”.

The first resurrection is the many men who will be inspired to become priests during the time of the Witnesses proclamation and will continue the proclaiming during the second half of the tribulation. They will hear the calling of these great men, of who courageously died and were resurrected.  If you recall Satan was “seized” with chains in verse 2 or the spirit of Satan is lifted.  The seizing and subduing of the spirit of evil is carried out because we may hear the calling of God during the first half of the tribulation when the witnesses proclaim God’s message.  God’s calling will awaken those who are written in the Book of Life.  By  JRCarrillo author of: The Phases of Revelation

The Holy Spirit Converting the Entire Middle East: dreams claimed as catalysts to salvation

Below, after my inserts, you will find quotes from notable writers who have captured the final phase coming to its fruition and approaching a period in my book , The Phases of Revelation, as the 1260 days of Revelation or what I call the first half of the tribulation.   The Middle East is the first and the last frontier of Christian expansion into a globality that is now complete just as Christ God commanded it.  The Americas was opened up to Christ in 1492 upon the voyage of CHRISTOPHER Columbus who did it for the faith.  The four blood moons marked the times and its significance as all things of creation move according to the will of Christ God the Father and the Holy Spirit.

Today, God is preparing the region to be the last frontier of the expansion of Christianity since Christ ordered it and even God the Father when he said to Adam and Eve to fill the earth. His kingdom has come to earth and ready to rejoin heaven again. We are reaching the final days or the 1260 Days spoken of in the Book of Revelations.

In my book The Phases of Revelation, the first half of the tribulation is the finalizing of the old creation and a time to rejoice.  It is a period that should be referred to as the parable summer or the first half of the tribulation.  This period is the time that God set out to accomplish since the beginning and so its globality is the objective and now attained.

The war torn region of the Middle East is an attempt to scatter the final portions of the flock sort of speak as this energy begins to gather ungodly momentum against God’s plans.  Remember this, claims will be made to this regard there from of a flock of a christ and the flock of THE CHRIST.  This is the human worldly battle but only one holds the  truth and Gods favor, and with this the battle will not be lost.

The following are from an article by J.D. King a writer for, of whose outlook I believe provides support to my book’s concept of a powerful collective movement that the Holy Spirit is in full force.  The quotes below are from Mr. Kings article called, The Underground Revival in the Middle East That Might Take Down Islam.  Below are quotes from the article:

“…part of the surge or phase in Christian converts taking place in the the Middle East within the past 20 years.

“Contrary to what many Americans think, Christianity is quietly advancing behind the scenes in some of the most unlikely places around the globe…”
“…Almost every Islamic nation has been experiencing a significant upsurge of Christianity over the last 20 years…all are experiencing the impact on some level…”

“…Reports suggest there were no Muslim background Christians in Syria fifty years ago, but today “there are between four and five thousand born-again believers in the country.”

“…Rosenberg’s figures suggest that there are over 13 million Christians in Islamic countries, and a majority of them are from a Muslim background…”
Other Observers

“…We find that Joel Rosenberg isn’t the only one observing the changing conditions within the broader Islamic world. There are other evidences of a notable transformation taking place. For example, journalist George Thomas notes that:  A Christian revival is touching the northernmost reaches of Africa. In a region once hostile to the gospel, now tens of thousands of Muslims are following Jesus. As the sun sets over the Mediterranean Sea, Muslims across Northern Africa are converting to faith in Jesus Christ in record numbers. … What experts say is that there is a profound move of God in the predominantly Muslim nations of Mauritania, Western Sahara, Morocco, Algeria, Libya and Tunisia…”

“…Tino Qahoush, researcher and filmmaker, has been traveling to various parts of this region to document the Christian revival that has been taking place. Reflecting on what he observed, he noted the following, ‘What God is doing in North Africa, all the way from actually Mauritanian to Libya is unprecedented in the history of missions. I have the privilege of recording testimonies and listening to firsthand stories of men and women, of all ages.’
Jayson Casper journalist with Christianity Today, also pointed out some astounding growth that’s taking place in the Arabian Peninsula. He writes:  ‘Today the Pew Research Center numbers Christians in the Arabian Peninsula at 2.3 million—more Christians than nearly 100 countries can claim. The Gulf Christian Fellowship, an umbrella group, estimates 3.5 million. … United Arab Emirates Christian population … [is] 13 percent, according to Pew. Among other Gulf states, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Qatar each about 14 percent Christian, while Oman is about 6 percent. Even Saudi Arabia, home to Islam’s holiest cities (Mecca and Medina), is 4 percent Christian.”

One of the best examples of the expansion of Christianity within Muslim lands is through the work of Heidi and Roland Baker. Along with their church plants and trained workers from Iris Ministries, the Bakers have made an extraordinary impact on the brutal nation of Mozambique. The province that they currently operate in was entirely Muslim before their arrival, but a little over 10 years later those figures have changed drastically. Kelly Head from Christ for the Nations writes,

“The Bakers are now based full-time in Pemba, Mozambique, in an area where Heidi says was once called a ‘graveyard to missionaries.’ But recently the government announced publicly that it’s no longer a Muslim providence; now it’s a Christian providence.”
changes to the once Muslim Africa are something even the Islamic clerics are beginning to acknowledge. In December 2001, Sheikh Ahmad al Qataani, the president of The Companions Lighthouse for the Science of Islamic Law in Libya, appeared on a live interview on Al-Jazeera satellite television. He declared the following:
“Islam used to represent, as you previously mentioned, Africa’s main religion, and there were 30 African languages that used to be written in Arabic script. The number of Muslims in Africa has diminished to 316 million, half of whom are Arabs in North Africa. So in the section of Africa that we are talking about, the non Arab section, the number of Muslims does not exceed 150 million people. When we realize that the entire population of Africa is one billion people, we see that the number of Muslims has diminished greatly from what it was in the beginning of the last century. … As to how that happened, well, there are now 1.5 million churches whose congregations account for 46 million people. In every hour, 667 Muslims convert to Christianity. Every day, 16,000 Muslims convert to Christianity. Every year, 6 million Muslims convert to Christianity. These numbers are very large indeed.”[19]

It is obvious from these and other reports that Christianity is advancing. Yet, the question is: “Why?” Interestingly, it may have a lot to do with something many in the West would discount.
Why Is Christianity Finally Growing in the Middle East?
Throughout the Mediterranean world there’s a high regard for dreams. They comprehend them the same way that individuals during the early biblical period did. Islam in particular, places a great value on nocturnal visions. Ever since Muhammad retreated to a cave in A.D. 610 and began to experience what he considered to be revelatory visions, Muslims have greatly valued impressions they may receive while they’re asleep. Timothy Morgan notes that dreams are a “part of the reality of their world. Mohammad listened to dreams, and he gave Muslims the impression that God could speak through them. So they do listen to them, and they do talk about them.”[20]
Tom Doyle, an evangelist, pastor and the E3 Partners Ministry Director for the Middle East and Central Asia noted the following:
“Outside of the Scriptures, Egyptian history records a significant amount of information about dreams and visions, many of which became determining factors in the overall direction of the nation. One archaeological find close to the Pyramids revealed that ancient Egyptian scribe named Kenhirkhopeshef kept a papyrus document called the Dream Book. The book is a catalog of 108 dreams and the activities and emotions that accompanied them…Interestingly, over the last two decades there have been numerous claims of Muslims having dreams about Jesus and ultimately coming to faith. Url Scaramanga, writing in conservative evangelical journal, acknowledges that “stories of Muslims coming to faith in Christ because of a vision or dream are not uncommon.”
“…It is easy to dismiss this, but I think Christians should remain open to all of the various ways that God operates. It may seem inexplicable to us, but it seems that dreams are a primary way that Middle-Eastern people are open to encountering God. Reflecting on the significance of these nocturnal visions, Nabeel Qureshi writes:
“I think the reason why dreams are an important component of people leaving Islam and accepting Christ is that most Muslims believe that God reveals himself and his will to them in dreams. In fact, it seems to be the only way that they believe God will reveal his will to them. So they have faith that God will direct them, so God uses their faith for his purposes.”

With all the questions and concerns about this approach, there’s interest in determining to what extent dreams are driving evangelism among Muslims. Georges Houssney prepared a questionnaire and, over a period of three years, asked 100 Christian converts from Islam how they came to faith. When asked, “What was the major factor in drawing you to Christ?” 25 percent of Houssney’s respondents acknowledged that dreams and visions were the primary catalyst that brought them to salvation. Furthermore, 60 percent of the respondents acknowledged that they had experienced a relevant dream or vision or both prior to their conversion.

The reality of these transforming dreams are being widely acknowledged, even though they are a bit unsettling for those in the conservative evangelical community. Reflecting on his own experience, Tom Doyle says:  “I’m not a skeptic by nature. I’m actually known as a being fairly trusting. But when I began hearing about Muslims having dreams and visions of Jesus, I must say I was quite the doubting Thomas. I think it’s because I have watched a few Christian television programs. … About a decade ago, those of us who work in Muslim outreach started to hear about something new in the world of Islam. God was opening the closed hearts of Muslims by giving them spectacular dreams and visions. At first, the stories were rare, but today these amazing accounts of God breaking through to Muslims have become a common occurrence. We find that about one out of every three Muslim-background believers has had a dream or vision prior to their salvation experience. Some more precise surveys are a bit more conservative and suggest a little over 25 percent of Muslims had a dream or a vision before becoming disciples of Jesus. Either way, the percentage is significant.”
Though they may be misunderstood and largely outside the norm in the West, dreams are certainly changing things throughout the Arab world.  By  JRCarrillo author of: The Phases of Revelation

Escalating Collective Energies

The concept I follow and theorise in my book The Phases of Revelation is consistently proving itself as the events continue to unfold and Gods creation runs away with tribulation proportioned signs of our times and ultimately to a climax of renewal.  Prophecy is in the making and escalating before our very eyes.  

The Phases of Revelation 

I am the Author of THE PHASES OF REVELATION: a modern prophecy’s correlation

I would like to take this opportunity to have anyone interested in this subject to make comments of ask any questions of myself or other bloggers. My book and spiritual experience is unique and revolutionary and I have provided a brief summary below. If you just so happened to have read the e-book version on Nook reader app then please feel free to ask me about any points made.  Below are just a minor set of discussion topics to jump start my blog, so please lets get this blog started:

  • Who are the two witnesses? No doubts that they are two men sent from God. What is your take on these two remarkable men?
  • Saint John is one of the witnesses because it says when the little scroll became bitter in John’s stomach, “…you must prophesy once again…”
  • If Saint John is one of the witnesses then who is the other?  With one witness hereby known, then is the other one Moses or Elijah as is traditionally known?
  • A far fetched discussion point but in Jewish Religion the soul is refined through the ages in order to ready itself to enter Heaven…given this possibility, is the soul of Saint John that of either Elijah, Moses, Adam etc etc?  (just a way out there challenge for us to weigh in??)
  • Are the two witnesses Adam and Eve, our original Father and Mother motifs here to collect their children?
  • Babylon the Great! What does this deity mean?
  • The Huge Red Dragon: a monstrous, beastly, survivalist, chaotic aftermath when Babylon’s economy collapses or she falls of the beast that carries her!
  • Is Petrus Romanus here now…?
  • The meaning of 1000 years?
  • 1260 vs 42 months…why?

Summary of My Spiritual Experience

I would like to share my spiritual experience concerning a series of incidents in my life beginning in October of 2008. I have since written 2 books inspired by this incident. My first one was As I Passed Him: a prophecy within our times. And my second book as a continuation of my inspirations and interpretations of my experience is entitled, The Phases Of Revelation.

Briefly, my initial experience began with an encounter with an unknown man calling my name out as if he knew me while I was participating in a competitive event across the border from El Paso Texas in Juarez Mexico. How was this possible. I have 2 Masters Degrees and am a spiritual person, say prayers regularly and have read numerous Christian books etc and know for a fact that this was a spiritual encounter. I could not explain it otherwise.

First of all, it is not possible that anyone knew my name, secondly I was in a mountain bike marathon and in a remote location; third I travelled about 300 miles to participate in the event. 4thly aproximately 2 weeks after the event I recognized the person I had an encounter with in a Diocesan Newspaper photo and read that he was a Catholic Cardinal. I could not shake the resemblance and why and how this can be.

Lastly, here’s the crowning moment of these events, was when I was then bewildered and decided to write this odd event in my journal and as I proof read I got to a journaled part that said “as I passed him” and it was then that I had an illuminating event where I found myself saying and only then and there did I recognize this Cardinal as “Peter it is you Peter”.

Since then I felt renewed and felt inspired to write my books concerning this information.

My interpretations were that this Cardinal will be Pope one day and that he will call himself Peter. No pope has ever since the first Peter appointed by Christ, has ever called himself Peter. Also this Cardinal has been in the top ten amongst Cardinals for election to the papacy. This also correlates to Saint Malachy’s prophecy of the last pope being Petrus Romanus. Etc etc

Thanks and sincerely in Christ,

Juan Carrillo