Tribute to Saint Joan of Arc: whom I saw in a flash

Dear Saint Joan of Arc,
I saw you in your armor. In a flash before my eyes.

Wherein it was you. Then me as one with you within your armor.

I honor this oneness I saw and ask the meaning? Yet I know it’s meaning, it relates to what is in my soul, my ever adoration and quest for His will and meaning.

Yet the Holy Spirit is knowing of my worldly ways, I still seek grace to serve this internal asking just as you.

Yet related to your kiss upon my cheek, whence I received your courage, and now, Your Armor!
‘Tis is a seedling in my soul. Let me cast no doubt, but be it a symbol of solid honor and purpose.

I ask you to pray for me to our King Lord Christ, Whom we both love, worship and adore.
By jcarrillo 01-01-18


FROM NOW ON: blessed are the dead who die in the Lord. (Revelation 14:13)

Below, after my introduction, is a quoted section from my book, THE PHASES OF REVELATION. It reveals meaning to the famous and often debated Biblical “hour” and “like a thief in the night”.  I must also add and make note of, reaping the harvest, the multitude begining in Heaven and judgement.  The latter are modern day key constellations or signs of the times, and are of immense, collective signifance to “the dead who die in the Lord”.  This is the harvest of those souls who make the right choice and “die” first.  Dying first, means that you know in your readied, prepared heart and soul that Christ is life and creation, and that we entrust in this finality that conquers death.  Further, that you do not reserve false hope in this world and falsely entrust the spirit of error, and thereby choose to survive in a world that is destined to end. There is no longer surviving in the old world destined to end.

Judgment is the choice, and is hereby explained as follows.  I must emphasize that physical, yes physical survival is no longer the option.  The cursed age since Eden, the enmity, the tilling of the earth and survival and death is ending.  The age of cyclically, recurring refinement of the soul, the dust and returning to the dust has come to an end.  The verse is from a Judgment and Last Days perspective, and the Judgement Criteria is: “blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on”.   This awesome phrase, “from now on” is the renewal, the final awakening, mankinds resurrection from the recurring curse of death.  The lifting of a curse that all worthy souls have long awaited by way of a “choice”.  We shall rise above survival and into faith, free of doubt and questions of continuing survival.  This incorporates the Guf or the Hall of Souls as emptied and the reaping of all souls who will die physically plus die in the Lord.

I must take this further, and refer to only two sides, good and evil, the sheep and the goats, those on the right and those on the left, all are Biblical phrases referring to the End Days.  Christ also said “I have come to establish…division”. Not Peace between those on two sides of the fence, but division.   The math simply means, His Church and “damned are the dead who do not die in the Lord from now on”.

The latter is the only…,I repeat, the ONLY…transitional, mystical pathway to true spiritual survival (not physical survival).  Meaning from the soul perspective and plus the addition to those beginning to multiply in Heaven.  This means that the divine ultimatum of the closing age, since Genesis and since Christ,  comes now the Harvesting of those who here trust and hold true faith in the Lord, God and the Holy Spirit.  Amazing correlations I am excited to share with fellow Christians. Read below:

“Then I heard a voice from heaven say, “Write this: Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.”  The verse says “from now on” or from here forward, which means that this section’s mention of an “hour” is not a 60 minute time frame.  Rather the “hour” refers to the second period or the pale horse Seal and Death during which many upon many an “hour” of our Church members “death” will come in the form of persecution, war etc.  I would also like to bring attention to an important feature of this verse, which is where the verse says, “Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.”  This is referring to those people who will choose to die in the Lord from here onward. The saying of “from now on” marks, I must emphasize, that it marks the start of “Death” and is the Hades who followed closely behind.  Being that there are many correlations of truths in these verses and sections of Revelation.

Doesn’t this sound like the momentous quote that was said when Satan was hurled to the earth, where it was said something like, “…woe to the inhabitants of the earth because Satan has now come onto them with great fury.”   So here again is a relationship constituting a beginning of the period of “death” which marks its beginning along with the second half of the tribulation.  The entire section marks the beginning of a dramatic time because Christ Himself, who is still in Heaven and in our hearts by faith during the beginning of this period, is seen on a “white cloud…with a sickle” which indicates a Heavenly ordered beginning of the second half of the tribulation.

While “seated on the cloud (from heaven) He takes His sickle and reaps the Earth.”  This means that the harvest is ripe and ready to be harvested and collected; this in turn means that the “Great Multitude” is from here on beginning to multiply in heaven and judgment by way of this great choice has begun while we are on earth.

Judgment is not an after death occurrence, it is to take place while we are alive by way of the “choice”.  Is this a question or is this an exclamation?  The latter description may in some minds be indicating a Second Coming and judgment type scenario because it describes Christ seated on a cloud with a sickle, but instead, as we now see it is referring to this section of Revelation, of which marks the beginning of the second half of the Tribulation, during which second half begins judgment, the “choice”, the harvest.

Please keep in mind that the images portrayed here are heavenly deities and represent significant manifestations and constellations from a heavenly perspective.  It is a science that is so beautifully webbed and networked into the minds of the flock in the form of an unconscious feeling of faith.  I must remind the readers that in heaven there is no time, it is a timeless and eternal environment from where an “hour” is like three and a half years.  Yet ironically and paradoxically, it is still like back in the days of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden when Satan was cast out and it was also said, woe to the inhabitants of the Earth because Satan has come down onto them and brought “death”, sort of speak.

I am not saying that time is recycling itself, no I am not, what I am saying is that the time back then is the time of now.  Unusual yes, very unusual it is for us to try to understand time and timelessness.  How can it be that what was then is still now?  We are still in a process of creation and refinement and only, I repeat “only” by this great division that is to take place during the second half of the tribulation are we refined enough to join Heaven and Earth.

God did not make the cognitive mind to grasp this rationale but rather intends for the heart to understand it and reside in balance with it.  Faith is a Holy realm. Here I must again make mention of the parable where Christ, “while on Earth”, was asked by a group of curious listeners about the “hour”.  As we have seen in Revelation Section 14, the “hour” is referring to a period and is being used in metaphorical language sort of speak, within a manner of parable, in a deity and heavenly language and truths thereof.

In Revelation this hour represents a period about to begin because “collectively”, and adding up to all of us, where many upon many an hour will come during this “period”.  The hour is the deity of the collective “you and I” or “us” the flock, the “great Multitude” must make its way into Heaven in order to “await” the Judgment of those left on Earth with the mark of the beast, of whom will die and be then cast into the abyss forever.  This is the Huge Red Dragon, Satan’s flock, his version of our heavenly “great multitude”, sort of speak.

How the Hellinistic Evil Has Infiltrated Our American Stronghold

Just by the short reading into Daniel 11, I am able to see Satan’s pattern of occupation throughout the ages and how he is currently attempting to occupy worthy strongholds in our modern age. Presently in the form of a false hope, Lucifer has found a path to enter through what we presume as a leader having gained a position of commander and chief.  Through this title, by scandal and even as a cultural segments approval, endorsement or voting in of a particularly vulnerable candidate with questionable qualities related to a dispicable person as Daniel describes.  As slimy as president Trump is, he has infiltrated our politics of rational morals and ethics with his marketing and immature tactics of demeaning his opponents by creating unfounded, abnormal contrasts etc.

This demonstrates Daniel 11’s concept and interpretation of how Satan enters the moral lacking of a weak man; especially this idiot liar.   He is able to enter with his presiding, despicable traits and be okayed by the ages hellinistic flock.  This vulnerability formulates a collective basis for this evil infiltration.  The latter is corruption, decay and the typical downfall of great civilizations.  The hevesting of bloodshed is Satan’s life force and purpose.

He is despicable by nature and this is why Daniel characterizes him as such, along with a nation ripe to okay this while headed for inevitable decline.  This is the prime condition that occurs once the spirit of error wishes to finish and thrive for the decay and ruin of souls.  This is the demon named corruption that enters vulnerable strongholds and heads of state.  The international community has to recognize this spiritual infiltration and see where this Demon is headed with the USA and its economic, military and nuclear resources.

Trump is a vehicle for this evil and is being used as an attempt to conquer and destroy the Christian Church founded by Christ.  Uniquely, he now has nuclear weapons at his disposal.  This is why Trump is provoking nuclear loaded countries to destroy and betray and turn the gun on us, globally and then himself.  When he is done with the unsuspecting head of state, his entire nation and the widespread chaos,  he will simply not care until another stronghold arises.  Satan has no nation but his own called evil vs God Himself.  All the while death and decay is his power.

Only this is Satan’s goal, to destroy God’s creation because Satan does not care where he enters, he just enters to serve his purpose of destroying creation.
Read the Daniel verses below and how he Daniel and myself understand how evil infiltrates:

Daniel Ch 11:…21 There shall arise in his place a despicable person, to whom the royal insignia shall not be given. He shall enter by stealth and seize the kingdom by fraud. 22 Armed forces shall be completely overwhelmed by him and crushed, even the prince of the covenant. 23 After making alliances, he shall treacherously rise to power with only a few supporters. 24By stealth he shall enter prosperous provinces and do that which his fathers or grandfathers never did; he shall distribute spoil, plunder, and riches among them and devise plots against their strongholds.

Worldly Spirit of Error vs The Holy Spirit

​The global economic depression and the importance of democracy and proper political ideologies will be threatened.  And so I repeat this as an important emphasis again and again because it is beyond human understanding from the worldly rationale.  The spiritual rationale will make sense to the shepherd and his sheep but not any goats, sort of speak, who will insist on worldly ways and beliefs thereof.  

Many proud and death fearing men and women, cultures, religions and nations will deny the witnesses message and believe but yet deny and doubt their miracles and super natural powers.  Those who fear God will respond accordingly, while those with rebuttals, questions and issues of denial and ego defenses justifications, resentments and scientific rationales will defy and counteract the proclamations.  

Even in light of the miracles and plagues that will be authorized by God, it will not thoroughly make sense to all peoples and nations.  Just as a loving father would care enough to warn his son or daughter standing in the path of an oncoming freight train, so also will be the urgency of the proclamations that will be taking place during the first half of the tribulation. This is the judgment of Christ based on a choice. 

Many proud and death fearing men and women, cultures, religions and nations will deny the witnesses message and believe but yet deny and doubt their miracles and super natural powers.  Those who fear God will respond accordingly, while those with rebuttals, questions and issues of denial and ego defenses justifications, resentments and scientific rationales will defy and counteract the proclamations.  Even in light of the miracles and plagues that will be authorized by God, it will not thoroughly make sense to all peoples and nations.  

The Sixth Seal: the driedup tree of life and the abyss 

​God has searched for anyone of His children left amidst the wicked, as the stars fall in finality, “as if shaken by a strong wind.”  And He findeth none of His Children amidst the wicked flock.  Just like a father and a mother would cry out for the whereabouts of their lost child.  The “falling of the stars upon the earth” is like one last sifting and shaking of the dried up Tree of Life.   

  • HEven within this assuredly dead tree, God and His great love still double checks in hopes of finding any left-over fruit worthy of harvesting, but none is found but a mere assurance and confirmation that it is done.  The latter “it is done” is a divine moment of creation transitioning, as no flock members are left behind, not one, this is a moment of Great Silence, as the upcoming chapter on the 7th Seal indicates. God’s mercy shakes the old Tree of Life for one last and final time.

The Sixth Seal says: “the sun turned black like sackcloth”- this is “their” hearts, of which emanates outward to create the abyssal world around them as barren stones.   And when, “the moon turned blood red”- this is their souls, of which emanates outward to create the abyssal world around them as the bitter waters of blood.   And when, “the stars fell to the earth as if shaken off by a strong wind”- this is their eyes, of which emanates outward to create the abyssal world around them as the emptiness and fruitless darkness.   And when, “the heavens receded like a scroll being rolled up”- this is their flesh, of which emanates outward to create the abyssal world around them as gruesome and sensory free formations.   And when, “every mountain and island was removed from its place”- this is God’s gift of wisdom and intelligence, liberty and freedom, of which choice is no longer present.  All creation was lifted with God’s Flock.   They are left like PharoawhenEgyptians – an empty realization of essential elements of life – now gone. “Fall upon us”, “the day of their wrath has come”, “who can withstand it”, who can withstand the nothingness, this inevitable desolation climaxing to a state of plagues now determined to punish.  By  JRCarrillo author of: The Phases of Revelation

Commentary On Revelation 13

​As it says in Revelation 13 that, “One of the heads of the beast seemed to have had a fatal wound, but the fatal wound had been healed.” The latter quote passage in Revelation uses the word “seem”, this is an illusion of deception and power used to create and make it “seem” like his beast has miraculously come to life.  Since he cannot perform genuine miracles he will do what he can do like transform the work of the witnesses into his perverted version of Christianity.  He also feels he must proclaim just as God did, in order to discredit their works, which threatens his reign on earth.  Such illusions and tricks of words and lies will be used to convince many.  

What is meant by, “The dragon stood on the shore of the seashore” means that the Dragon has made a transition from the heavenly body and now finds himself upon the earth.  In other words, this marks that he has been cast out and has come to Earth. He is no longer to work in secret within the hearts of men, but in “full view” where he will perform many signs. Satan does not perform miracles; he performs compromise, influence and illusions.  

The latter means that here now begins a desperate attempt to regain his power because he realizes he has been cast out of Heaven, and that he has a short time.  He then “gave” his power to the “beast coming out of the sea”, which are the Dragon’s faithful loyalists who have been molded by his spiritual handy works and political influence, the predators that have cultivated positions of power and ranks within government and politics.  This inhuman spiritual nation of satanically faithful men will inject Satan’s spiritual darkness, death and fury throughout the earth.  Satan is allowed by God to rule in full force without any restraints.  This means bloodshed and persecution.  By  JRCarrillo author of: The Phases of Revelation

​Concerning Section 10 of Revelation’s “The Scroll”

“Seal up what the seven thunders have said and do not write it down.” This is referring to the passage of the Heavenly ordered contents of a divinely necessary scroll, of which, is reserved only for the time of the great tribulation upon the Earth.  In the spirit and deity of Saint John, the messenger and recipient of the Book of Revelation, we must “once again” manifest this spirit in order to spread this message to “all the nations and people”.  

Notice that the scroll was handed to John “by an angel”, he then ate it and it “tasted as sweet as honey”, of which turned “sour in his stomach”.  This means that the scroll originates in heaven, but once he is expected to proclaim it in the physical realm such a doctrine becomes unacceptable, questionable, sour, and contrary to self and national interests.  

Immediately thereafter this verse, it says that John, “…must prophesy again…”   The “sweet to sour” stands for a transition from heaven (where it originates) to earth (where there is time), or a place where a prophet becomes the voice of heaven (God), where timeless messages come through and onto the earthly realm.  

This means that the prophetic deity of “John” from 2000 years ago, wrote the Book of Revelation down as told to do so, but the “little scroll” is reserved for our modern days where he must prophesy and proclaim “once again”.   Remember that the scroll was not revealed.   The contents of the scroll are handed down from heaven, and then are incarnated by way of a prophet, whom here appears to be “John”.  This is because he was ordered to “eat” the scroll and not write down its contents but to reserve it until it is time.  The word “time” refers to earth and the world where it will become “bitter” or unacceptable.  As it says, “There will be no more delay!”  

The time factor evident in the phrase “there will be no more delay” is demanding it to be proclaimed upon the Earth where the prophet’s words will be “sweet” to God’s Flock upon hearing the message, and greatly offensive to those who will hear it as “bitter”.  This is partly referring to a matter that is in timelessness.  This is because as it is handed down, he is told not to “delay” because scroll makes the transition from Heaven (timelessness) and to Earth (where time is a period during which all things decay and end or where things and words become bitter, thus do not delay.) It was sweet as honey upon the scrolls eating when handed by the Heavenly realm and then it became bitter upon its arrival onto the realm of the Earth.  

This is where John (or the deity, the spirit of prophecy or a soul with this matter as a message) must be born during the time of the Great Tribulation in order to proclaim the contents of the scroll thereof.  He was given a reed to measure the walls of the Temple.  By  JRCarrillo author of: The Phases of Revelation

The Unclean Spirit Finds Emptiness Matthew 12:44‭-‬45 

When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walks through dry places, seeking and finding none.
Then he saith, I will return into my house from whence I came out; and when he returns, he find it empty, swept, and garnished.   Then he goes, and returns with seven other spirits more wicked than himself.  They then enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that man now becomes worse than the first.  Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation.

The verse from Mathew 44 to 45 warns us of the keeping of our house, our inner Temple of God never empty but ever full of God’s light and joy.  Invoke and invite the prayers of Saints, in the name of the Father, son and the Holy Spirit and ask them to pray for you.  Most especially pray and worship the one and only God the Father, God the son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit for having wiped clean your inner temple and giving you a second chance. 

Show gratitude and appreciation for the renewal, post within a main room and\or within the newly healed person’s reach a prayer of exorcism to be said daily.  In expectation that the returning demon not find your house empty lest he now enlist seven more spirits to help with your subjagation.  Instruct him, remain with him and enlist his loved ones to pray, asking God to protect the newly healed.  
Do not leave your house empty after having dispersed the initially weaker spirit.  Instead invite God, Christ and the Holy Spirit to fill the emptiness with love, forgiveness and mercy, and affirm that the newly healed person will take steps to pray and that he has supportive people praying for him.   

If not done, the state of emptiness left without works of love and prayer will thereby be left unprepared and in a stupor, unaware of the much needed waging of a war of attrition and spiritual care.  
The latter spiritual care is the showing of effort to start over fresh.  It does not have to be intense and elaborate but the showing of efforts by him and loved ones, community or anyone with true faith based intention to help that person by making them aware of how to work to better themselves.  

Notice that the unclean spirit found no place to settle in and so no perfection is required because I’m sure this demon attempted here and there but found none and so it returns to find the same person empty.  
This signals to negative spirits to now take advantage of this as to the grander mission of demons to consume and wage an even bigger battle where a battle was lost but is now vulnerable.  The Temple of the person was won over from one weaker spirit, but the intention of those who cared for the person left they’re duties undone without even a mustard seed of help afterwards.   The intention of the spiritual care taker and the parents or family contributing to building this person and defending is left up to the demons to weigh the situation and raid this opportunity filled with weakness, laziness, carelessness, proud boasts, and a spirit of error, merely open ing a gate to a host of consequential possibilities.  

This state of the renewed person’s environment could even be signaling an opportunity for community possession or a demons gamble depending on the numbers being foreseen as defenseless and sinfully ripe. 

If a person who casts out in the name of God then does not leave instruction to protect the renewed and cleansed person is merely qworkimg under the spirit of error.  The very nature of the dispersed spirit. 

The effortless state is a sign of an eventual return to sin.  The state of ingratitude and stupor then creates the very guaranteed bargain to be gained by the same demon and his other more powerful demons. They see the opportunity to fill the void and reek the havoc of soul corruption  and bloodshed.  They will take advantage of this very obvious opportunity to decay and consume the soul of this person.  
It may be also that such an empty state is a condition of the lifestyle wherein the person resided is not of the nature to manage and care for the spiritual welfare of this renewed person.  And so the conducting of an expulsion of an unclean spirit is a matter preparing the person to see the importance of attrition and filling his or her inner Temple of God with genuine daily prayers of thanks.   

The act of emptying the mind and heart leaves one vulnerable because it idolizes the concept of emptying and is a trick of Satan to denounce and empty thyself of God himself.   This is a clear invitation for unclean spirits to then settle into this undecided, unknowing state, the saying that no immediate filling is a mere sign of an intent to sin again when the urge then should return seven fold.   By  JRCarrillo author of: The Phases of Revelation

 No Lesser or Greater Sin in the Ten Commandments

There is error disguised as a common self righteous proclamation that adultery and murder of the Ten Commandments is the greater  of sins. 

There is no excuse and hyperbole intended by the tongue having the capacity for unrestrained negativity, vulgarity, profanity, offensive, deceitful and hurtful words.  This in turn shapes physical action and is in no way different from the verbal utterance of lying, false witness and murder by the tongue itself or sin thereof. 
There is no justifying one over the other in cyclical blaming one over another. The latter is an open door. When the intangible, evil spirit of a demon makes a suggestion, it speaks to a readied ear to self harm or harm another by means of any of the sins in the Ten Commandments. 

No commandment path taken by sin stands alone but happens in simultaneous and or chain event fashion.  All of it is intertwined and giving rise to another. This is the essence of our corruption and decay. One may profoundly happen more so in one versus another, but all in collective divisiveness of families, communities and onward onto larger ranks giving rise to each other’s sin. 

Satan reigns in unseen and intangible rank, and so how can a physical act be separate from an act occurring in spiritual to mental fashion or venial to overt sin ongoing from a given person’s point in time versus that of another person’s time? 

Time here is of the essence versus eternity. One brick gives rise to another and persistence gives rise to an outlet if with no confession.  

We spin our wheels on what we perceive to be the greater sin but all the while we are, in turn covetous and giving false witness. No sin is greater. No man is immune at any given time, nor has any man ever been found worthy but Christ himself.  By  JRCarrillo author of: The Phases of Revelation

Inducing The Fall of Babylon

In our midst thrieves the words of deceit. Not Christian but it calls itself Christian to deceive souls.  

It must implant, into Babylon’s governing womb, the evil spirit that mixes thereof, the ripened readiness of their god to take this governing title. It wholeheartedly seeks this dark honor. 

A warlock knowing the power to the taking of the governing title of Babylon. That it thereby take it upon itself, all means of opportunity, to begin a process of sacrificing the ripened, readied state of division, collapse and the fall of his god’s beloved mistress.

That the many that dwell in her be now of abundantly and luxuriously, sinfully fattened enough – for the harvest of death. Its seedlings are excessive prosperity void of the God once trusted.  

Her peoples of innocense, all of them that worked to build her for a wage, now wage a protest against this crowned protector. They are the taunted innocence this evil seeks to provoke to destroy you and I as terrorist of this state. 

This evil longs for the collapse to consume the sinner soul deceived with the love of luxury and dwell in abundance for a period enough to acquire globality. Saddened merchants weep from afar in wait of their own fiery demise. 

Thereof feeds the legions of this intent to mobilize into death the blood of many. Betrayed and of no borders, a traitor or not, a liar attractive to the nature of his borderless flock whom he summons from amidst the ruins to survive.  

They’re head of state has placed its curse upon this seat of power. Making this all powerful crown perfectly chaotic, and to thereof be under its control, to summon the possession. This is the appeal to his god. By  JRCarrillo author of: The Phases of Revelation