​Concerning Section 10 of Revelation’s “The Scroll”

“Seal up what the seven thunders have said and do not write it down.” This is referring to the passage of the Heavenly ordered contents of a divinely necessary scroll, of which, is reserved only for the time of the great tribulation upon the Earth.  In the spirit and deity of Saint John, the messenger and recipient of the Book of Revelation, we must “once again” manifest this spirit in order to spread this message to “all the nations and people”.  

Notice that the scroll was handed to John “by an angel”, he then ate it and it “tasted as sweet as honey”, of which turned “sour in his stomach”.  This means that the scroll originates in heaven, but once he is expected to proclaim it in the physical realm such a doctrine becomes unacceptable, questionable, sour, and contrary to self and national interests.  

Immediately thereafter this verse, it says that John, “…must prophesy again…”   The “sweet to sour” stands for a transition from heaven (where it originates) to earth (where there is time), or a place where a prophet becomes the voice of heaven (God), where timeless messages come through and onto the earthly realm.  

This means that the prophetic deity of “John” from 2000 years ago, wrote the Book of Revelation down as told to do so, but the “little scroll” is reserved for our modern days where he must prophesy and proclaim “once again”.   Remember that the scroll was not revealed.   The contents of the scroll are handed down from heaven, and then are incarnated by way of a prophet, whom here appears to be “John”.  This is because he was ordered to “eat” the scroll and not write down its contents but to reserve it until it is time.  The word “time” refers to earth and the world where it will become “bitter” or unacceptable.  As it says, “There will be no more delay!”  

The time factor evident in the phrase “there will be no more delay” is demanding it to be proclaimed upon the Earth where the prophet’s words will be “sweet” to God’s Flock upon hearing the message, and greatly offensive to those who will hear it as “bitter”.  This is partly referring to a matter that is in timelessness.  This is because as it is handed down, he is told not to “delay” because scroll makes the transition from Heaven (timelessness) and to Earth (where time is a period during which all things decay and end or where things and words become bitter, thus do not delay.) It was sweet as honey upon the scrolls eating when handed by the Heavenly realm and then it became bitter upon its arrival onto the realm of the Earth.  

This is where John (or the deity, the spirit of prophecy or a soul with this matter as a message) must be born during the time of the Great Tribulation in order to proclaim the contents of the scroll thereof.  He was given a reed to measure the walls of the Temple.  By  JRCarrillo author of: The Phases of Revelation


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