The Unclean Spirit Finds Emptiness Matthew 12:44‭-‬45 

When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walks through dry places, seeking and finding none.
Then he saith, I will return into my house from whence I came out; and when he returns, he find it empty, swept, and garnished.   Then he goes, and returns with seven other spirits more wicked than himself.  They then enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that man now becomes worse than the first.  Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation.

The verse from Mathew 44 to 45 warns us of the keeping of our house, our inner Temple of God never empty but ever full of God’s light and joy.  Invoke and invite the prayers of Saints, in the name of the Father, son and the Holy Spirit and ask them to pray for you.  Most especially pray and worship the one and only God the Father, God the son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit for having wiped clean your inner temple and giving you a second chance. 

Show gratitude and appreciation for the renewal, post within a main room and\or within the newly healed person’s reach a prayer of exorcism to be said daily.  In expectation that the returning demon not find your house empty lest he now enlist seven more spirits to help with your subjagation.  Instruct him, remain with him and enlist his loved ones to pray, asking God to protect the newly healed.  
Do not leave your house empty after having dispersed the initially weaker spirit.  Instead invite God, Christ and the Holy Spirit to fill the emptiness with love, forgiveness and mercy, and affirm that the newly healed person will take steps to pray and that he has supportive people praying for him.   

If not done, the state of emptiness left without works of love and prayer will thereby be left unprepared and in a stupor, unaware of the much needed waging of a war of attrition and spiritual care.  
The latter spiritual care is the showing of effort to start over fresh.  It does not have to be intense and elaborate but the showing of efforts by him and loved ones, community or anyone with true faith based intention to help that person by making them aware of how to work to better themselves.  

Notice that the unclean spirit found no place to settle in and so no perfection is required because I’m sure this demon attempted here and there but found none and so it returns to find the same person empty.  
This signals to negative spirits to now take advantage of this as to the grander mission of demons to consume and wage an even bigger battle where a battle was lost but is now vulnerable.  The Temple of the person was won over from one weaker spirit, but the intention of those who cared for the person left they’re duties undone without even a mustard seed of help afterwards.   The intention of the spiritual care taker and the parents or family contributing to building this person and defending is left up to the demons to weigh the situation and raid this opportunity filled with weakness, laziness, carelessness, proud boasts, and a spirit of error, merely open ing a gate to a host of consequential possibilities.  

This state of the renewed person’s environment could even be signaling an opportunity for community possession or a demons gamble depending on the numbers being foreseen as defenseless and sinfully ripe. 

If a person who casts out in the name of God then does not leave instruction to protect the renewed and cleansed person is merely qworkimg under the spirit of error.  The very nature of the dispersed spirit. 

The effortless state is a sign of an eventual return to sin.  The state of ingratitude and stupor then creates the very guaranteed bargain to be gained by the same demon and his other more powerful demons. They see the opportunity to fill the void and reek the havoc of soul corruption  and bloodshed.  They will take advantage of this very obvious opportunity to decay and consume the soul of this person.  
It may be also that such an empty state is a condition of the lifestyle wherein the person resided is not of the nature to manage and care for the spiritual welfare of this renewed person.  And so the conducting of an expulsion of an unclean spirit is a matter preparing the person to see the importance of attrition and filling his or her inner Temple of God with genuine daily prayers of thanks.   

The act of emptying the mind and heart leaves one vulnerable because it idolizes the concept of emptying and is a trick of Satan to denounce and empty thyself of God himself.   This is a clear invitation for unclean spirits to then settle into this undecided, unknowing state, the saying that no immediate filling is a mere sign of an intent to sin again when the urge then should return seven fold.   By  JRCarrillo author of: The Phases of Revelation


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