Inducing The Fall of Babylon

In our midst thrieves the words of deceit. Not Christian but it calls itself Christian to deceive souls.  

It must implant, into Babylon’s governing womb, the evil spirit that mixes thereof, the ripened readiness of their god to take this governing title. It wholeheartedly seeks this dark honor. 

A warlock knowing the power to the taking of the governing title of Babylon. That it thereby take it upon itself, all means of opportunity, to begin a process of sacrificing the ripened, readied state of division, collapse and the fall of his god’s beloved mistress.

That the many that dwell in her be now of abundantly and luxuriously, sinfully fattened enough – for the harvest of death. Its seedlings are excessive prosperity void of the God once trusted.  

Her peoples of innocense, all of them that worked to build her for a wage, now wage a protest against this crowned protector. They are the taunted innocence this evil seeks to provoke to destroy you and I as terrorist of this state. 

This evil longs for the collapse to consume the sinner soul deceived with the love of luxury and dwell in abundance for a period enough to acquire globality. Saddened merchants weep from afar in wait of their own fiery demise. 

Thereof feeds the legions of this intent to mobilize into death the blood of many. Betrayed and of no borders, a traitor or not, a liar attractive to the nature of his borderless flock whom he summons from amidst the ruins to survive.  

They’re head of state has placed its curse upon this seat of power. Making this all powerful crown perfectly chaotic, and to thereof be under its control, to summon the possession. This is the appeal to his god. By  JRCarrillo author of: The Phases of Revelation


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