The Symbolic Nature of Babylon

The guiding concept behind Babylon is a man constantly falling and getting up for survival.  Man since his original sin has been in the fallen state and has since been raising himself up, with little fear of God growing and developing in the process.  The “raising up” in many fashions has evolved into growing accustomed to the vain state, a state of survival of the fittest and embracing fearlessness, growing apart from God as the predominant ideal.  We have merely adapted and have made the best out of the fallen state of the human condition.  Man has conditioned himself with an innate acquaintance with his need to get up again and again, time and time again, one trial on top of another until all material structures reflect his material perfection.  

This has instinctively accumulated to a point of technological, architectural, scientific, geological, psychological, biological and medical breakthroughs.  This pride has justified the creations of man to promote himself, to help others and empower himself by mere nature of his own doings.  It is as if God intended us to develop and grow a necessary trait out of this trial and error condition.  It is a process of creation, yet the time elapsed does not let us see God’s full intention behind this great suffering.  The flock is the cream of the crop, those that have remained as close to God as they possibly can in light of the distancing and fallen condition.

And so on and on continues his ever increasing appetite for discovery, but yet with a major paradoxical twist in the form of a long term cost and consequence.  Although we do not see the price of what we sow in the here and now, mankind’s perspective is a mass denial for the sake of empowering himself with the present rewards of his creations and accomplishments.  The long term effects are not foreseen and if they are foreseen then they are to be dealt with when the time arises.  

We become blind to the outcomes that are all in themselves self-fulfilling prophecies, a subconsciously known path that is undeniable; all for the sake of present tense gratifications, prestige, competitiveness, the need for power and control.  While to God’s flock it is a passive restraint from overindulgence and destruction as we can best manage it in light of numerous circumstances.  Every accomplishment gives us the empowerment we need to gratify our appetites in a variety of ways from one person to the next.  A human race that is racing toward a common theme that escalates and builds itself higher and higher; it is like an ever increasing standard and quality that sees no end.  

Mankind continues this path.  In the present tense, this has amounted to the Huge Red Dragon motif, a deity of evil that is surely headed to its destruction as Revelation says.    Beyond moderation, beyond a proper balance, beyond that which God intended and even beyond fear of God and most dangerously an over grown immoral courage. A lack of proper temperament and misguided moderation that feeds a Huge Red Dragon or beast up to now. This is the massive appetite of humanity.  We do this so much that we then reach a point of no return.  We have not put in place a proper institution to regulate human nature and its drive to reach beyond the limits.  

This is because mankind draws satisfaction, reinforcement and self-empowerment from it.  A dependence and preference for the “grinding at the mill” choice in Jesus’ parable that, “two women will be grinding at the mill, one will be taken and the other left grinding at the mill” sort of speak.  The fact that Christ instituted Himself as the sacrifice for this fallen state is part of the necessary refinement and creation completion of mankind.  The portions of men that grow and cultivate arrogance do so by choice and quality of their spirituality if any then is left up to this modern point in time.  

From this power he shuns the lowly, a segment that imperfectly, but at best properly reflects on simple issues of life and respect for it.  He gratefully involves Godly interference prior to actions, as opposed to looking to God only after certain behaviors have been engaged in, from whence our own doings instigate a consequence.  But of what limits do we reach toward to attain?  What limits do we entertain and which ones do we not entertain?  Who questions and who does not?  A mind engages in certain activities while others do not for fear of an outcome, a predicament foreseen by a mind that refrains from such outcomes.  And so onward onto a culture and how it defines its priorities.  Is God in the formula as first and foremost or is God just the opiate of the masses, sort of speak? Does God come first before political ideology, or is God placed in a position where He is the guiding principle of political ideologies?  This in turn, tames this cultural thrust to reflect a humble and moderate outcome. Do we persist to go beyond the limits because if we do not, then we will be over-run by our enemies?  Herein is the test of time and where a guiding rule overwhelms us for the sake of the question of survival.  And so the Symbolic Tower of Babel remains incomplete. 

Man must persist as a man of a competitive nature, this evolves as an essential instinct that we must take up as a defense of ourselves and our nation.  No nation or a man with a family can do without it in a world based on the fallen state of human nature.  It persists to decay all mankind, not because it was a thought out process and intended as such, but because it is a concept that has developed over the passage of time by trial and error.  What ways can we embrace that will guide us in a proper direction but to embrace the ways of God, of which in turn, guide us down a path of righteousness.  

A people taking up such righteousness has somehow grouped itself over time because they shared common traits of true faith and suffered similar challenges and have survived and evolve into a refined flock that models the gold and state of refinement that was intended all along since Adam and Eve. This is the modern, globalized Christian Flock wherein resides a soul refined through the ages and with which Heaven is now ready to join with. A modern flock characterizing a patience and endurance that has crafted into the gold that God intended to yield.  

It is time now, a goal attained and an Earth impregnated by the conquering of God’s flock. As a result of the righteous traits and values they chose to retain, versus groups of people who have migrated toward the very nature of a hostile culture that is evolving a definitive ideology that now guides wicked people.  Tested by time and trial and error, like a filtering process, we become who we are and how we survive and win over and protect against our enemies.  By  JRCarrillo author of: The Phases of Revelation


The Meaning of 1000 Years In Revelation

Below is an excerpt from my book The Phases Reveleation,  Chapter 17: The 7th Seal.  My interpretation below is in my Index along with further assessments on the meaning of the 1000 years as not meaning years but a timeless state descending upon the earth in gradual manners. Please enjoy and ask me any questions you may have:

The mystery of the vision.  The following wording of verses 4 and 5 is fashioned as such by the Holy Spirit because, as the entire Book of Revelation is also, it is in vision form or dream like format and the essential distortion is necessary to maintain this period as a thousand years.  In other words, it is the Holy Spirits way of saying, “I’m not going to tell you”; just as Christ chose a parable rather than the telling of the day of His return.  It is the visions way of not revealing specific times by way of distorting the picture.  We can all maybe recall a dream with such images.  This is the mystery of the vision or dream-like spiritual experience to depict an image or period as fuzzy (like a “surprise”) to the eyes or ears and senses of the person experiencing this.  If it is announced, as it is written in Revelation 20, as 1000 or mill annus, in other words it is a time not for you to write down.  It is known by our innermost nature where God and the Holy Spirit reside, that this should be distorted given its significance per our sake and fate.

Having said the latter, let us now look at verses 4 and 5:  “And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony about Jesus and because of the word of God.  They had not worshiped the beast…. They came to life and reigned with Christ a thousand years. (The rest of the dead did not come to life until the thousand years were ended.) This is the first resurrection. Blessed and holy are those who share in the first resurrection. The second death has no power over them, but they will be priests of God and of Christ and will reign with him for a thousand years.”  The first resurrection is the many inspired into priestly duty.  The “they” indicates that these are a special type of person or a group of people who will be resurrected, in contrast to the “rest of the dead”.  In other words, they will be awakened, or “came to life”, and “they will be priests”.

The first resurrection is the many men who will be inspired to become priests during the time of the Witnesses proclamation and will continue the proclaiming during the second half of the tribulation. They will hear the calling of these great men, of who courageously died and were resurrected.  If you recall Satan was “seized” with chains in verse 2 or the spirit of Satan is lifted.  The seizing and subduing of the spirit of evil is carried out because we may hear the calling of God during the first half of the tribulation when the witnesses proclaim God’s message.  God’s calling will awaken those who are written in the Book of Life.  By  JRCarrillo author of: The Phases of Revelation