The Phases of Revelation 

I am the Author of THE PHASES OF REVELATION: a modern prophecy’s correlation

I would like to take this opportunity to have anyone interested in this subject to make comments of ask any questions of myself or other bloggers. My book and spiritual experience is unique and revolutionary and I have provided a brief summary below. If you just so happened to have read the e-book version on Nook reader app then please feel free to ask me about any points made.  Below are just a minor set of discussion topics to jump start my blog, so please lets get this blog started:

  • Who are the two witnesses? No doubts that they are two men sent from God. What is your take on these two remarkable men?
  • Saint John is one of the witnesses because it says when the little scroll became bitter in John’s stomach, “…you must prophesy once again…”
  • If Saint John is one of the witnesses then who is the other?  With one witness hereby known, then is the other one Moses or Elijah as is traditionally known?
  • A far fetched discussion point but in Jewish Religion the soul is refined through the ages in order to ready itself to enter Heaven…given this possibility, is the soul of Saint John that of either Elijah, Moses, Adam etc etc?  (just a way out there challenge for us to weigh in??)
  • Are the two witnesses Adam and Eve, our original Father and Mother motifs here to collect their children?
  • Babylon the Great! What does this deity mean?
  • The Huge Red Dragon: a monstrous, beastly, survivalist, chaotic aftermath when Babylon’s economy collapses or she falls of the beast that carries her!
  • Is Petrus Romanus here now…?
  • The meaning of 1000 years?
  • 1260 vs 42 months…why?

Summary of My Spiritual Experience

I would like to share my spiritual experience concerning a series of incidents in my life beginning in October of 2008. I have since written 2 books inspired by this incident. My first one was As I Passed Him: a prophecy within our times. And my second book as a continuation of my inspirations and interpretations of my experience is entitled, The Phases Of Revelation.

Briefly, my initial experience began with an encounter with an unknown man calling my name out as if he knew me while I was participating in a competitive event across the border from El Paso Texas in Juarez Mexico. How was this possible. I have 2 Masters Degrees and am a spiritual person, say prayers regularly and have read numerous Christian books etc and know for a fact that this was a spiritual encounter. I could not explain it otherwise.

First of all, it is not possible that anyone knew my name, secondly I was in a mountain bike marathon and in a remote location; third I travelled about 300 miles to participate in the event. 4thly aproximately 2 weeks after the event I recognized the person I had an encounter with in a Diocesan Newspaper photo and read that he was a Catholic Cardinal. I could not shake the resemblance and why and how this can be.

Lastly, here’s the crowning moment of these events, was when I was then bewildered and decided to write this odd event in my journal and as I proof read I got to a journaled part that said “as I passed him” and it was then that I had an illuminating event where I found myself saying and only then and there did I recognize this Cardinal as “Peter it is you Peter”.

Since then I felt renewed and felt inspired to write my books concerning this information.

My interpretations were that this Cardinal will be Pope one day and that he will call himself Peter. No pope has ever since the first Peter appointed by Christ, has ever called himself Peter. Also this Cardinal has been in the top ten amongst Cardinals for election to the papacy. This also correlates to Saint Malachy’s prophecy of the last pope being Petrus Romanus. Etc etc

Thanks and sincerely in Christ,

Juan Carrillo