Assuredly, A Satanic Stronghold in U.S. is Begun

Wake up America to the corruption that extreme Republican-ISM and the negative dark stronghold that wants to take charge of this President’s power, by way of his behavioral/spiritual vulnerability. It is equivalent to the false evil comfort with slavery amidst so-called “conservatives” that are in reality vulnerable “Satanic” pockets of influence and practices as are clearly portrayed by this evil Presidential puppet. (Read RepSteve King, neo- nazi sympathizer and views: )

Spiritually and in wake of his power, he is vulnerable to the likes of a Satanic occupation as has occurred throughout history. Germanic eugenics built walls and barricades, death camps, divided families etc etc etc. We men of honor, courage and those who fear God know the signs of a stronghold.

We can’t build a wall spend billions to save face Republican pride, Fox News pride propaganda and the klannish team working struggle to save face their f$&@up President Trump.

He will resort to anything especially bloodshed, death and war by provocative campaigns against the Hispanic/Mexican families, the Church and separation of children, a demeaning wall socially, internationally and environmentally disgusting.

Dear God we are a nation vulnerable to the likes of an Anti-Christ. There are no true men left to lead as he will consume truth and justice by the mere stroke of lies and deception. A spiritual take over is at hand.

He is striking at core relations and nerves that aim to provoke and demonize border towns, international relations and familial cultural-social ties that strongly knit people there. We along the border are the experts this idiot and falsely elected freak needs to be listening to.


SIN IS SIN: anyway you cut-it it remains sin

I primarily want to address a matter of sin, that anyway you cut it (whether lust, lying, stealing, adultery, murder, false idols etc) – is sin! And the abiding to God’s commandments is a perfect record that no man is ever going to achieve.

In The Book of Revelation it says that no man was found to be worthy, no man, no one, for which John wept until Christ who was the only one found worthy to break the seals etc. Sin is sin and same sex sin is a form of acting out by a person with repression’s and or trauma in need of healing or damage is done. So goes whether you forge a check from your grandmas checking account, or if you smash someone’s face in a fight, or physically abuse a child verbally, physically emotionally, sexually is no different it is still sinister and inexcusable behavior.

The 10 commandments and the deadly sins and human nature is an intertwined community of interrelated actions handed down from birth to death, and events and experiences of a sinful to hurtful, to traumatic nature are violations of any of humanity and God’s commandments. One commandment inflicted upon any fellowman is a domino effect doomed to be repeated in some form as may be enhanced by the extent of another persons personal dosage of suffering.

Sin is sin anyway you cut it. Just because Johnny Joe plays with his pecker to porn while his sister PeggySue forges checks from grandmas checking account, does not make little JJ a creature from hell. Nor does it make little Jimmy Swaggart a pulpit bible thumping marketer, competitor and judger of others any different.

A mother and father figure is symbolically core and abortion is a mere act comparable to many atrocities occurring alongside the trending “audacity” or the giving of permission to our selves is trending “collectively” across the board, not just in abortion, but in adult men raping children? Hmm why do you want to play the worst of the worst game when worst is already enough? Rather as a whole, a looming spiritual battle between good and evil ever increasingly escalating to a climax.

The Holy Spirit is carrying out an agenda of separating the sheep from goats and the spirit of error, by purpose given it by God, is desperately clawing for souls, decay and corruption. Those running to and remaining in the Blessed Sacrament are in essence, like the few that are boarding Noah’s ark.

Your welcome to my book THE PHASES OF REVELATION BY Juan Carrillo. It is based off of my spiritual experience, generally, I know what the next Pope will name himself because I saw him in bilocation…Peter I and the last. jrc

Forgiveness: the new law destined to become earthly law

Wonderful letter by the Bishop whose soul is in the embrace of the Holy Spirit.

Therein is your answer to your re-interpreting and relabeling of homo-heretical by referring to it as “sexual sin”. Yes generally encompassing a class of sin like adulterer, pedophile, rapist, child molester, etc.

This sexualization has no limits, it is sin per the 10 commandments as thou shall not commit adultery and the having of no other gods and idolizing these demons. Anyway you cut it, it is still a demon, one greater perhaps but still sin.

Christ the very finger of God that wrote the old laws on stone, wrote upon the dirt when the woman was caught in adultery. What Christ wrote was “forgiveness” in the symbolic form of some Aramaic impression implying mercy, forgiveness, etc.

It must have been a moment of forethought and hesitation to await before the stoning began. Just as surely as God’s incarnation was set on forgiveness, it was thereby declared to begin and modeled properly for all mankind to incorporate the like thereafter.

His whole ministry up to then and after has been about love and forgiveness, the saving of mankind. His giving of the our Father prayer and so it was definitely a symbol of love and forgiving trespasses.

This love was writ upon the dirt symbolizing that with the sin is incorporated a quality of a non stone, a non permanence to now come of age and refine souls with hesitation and forethought in the application of the 10 commandments.

What Christ had written was soon thereafter gone and erased by the wind like forgiveness it was a sin now gone with the wind. Just as when Christ said, “Let the one among you who is without sin cast the first stone”. Immediately upon saying this all present departed one by one, like the dust particles soon erased by the winds of the new age.

As was written by Him God upon the dust they to departed, gone with the wind. We will no longer cast upon others hearts of stone, nor judge but love thy enemy and erase the sin with the words “Go and sin no more!”

Your sins are forgiven but do me a favor and “GO” with what consequence and judgment by the world, wherein the 10 commandments have imprinted upon the hearts a more reasonable and merciful measure of judgment. The “go” means the learning and knowing that there are worldly consequences to face and confess truthfully, and of course by sinning no more.

The present world has learned and embedded upon itself the 10 commandments. From then to now is about the learning of a greater trait, a post commandment age to adjoin the age of forgiveness that is in the works with the goal of its globality.  This is the next phase of God’s plan for mankind and that it shall be introduced for the new age. Our Father hollowed be thy name as they Kingdom comes near and next! jrc

Cubicles In The Sky

The collectivity and globality of mankind is intertwined with the earth and heavens in a spiritual metaphysical way. This YouTube link below is one of many other anomalies being represented in the heavens and the earth’s climactic turmoil:

The cubicle manifestations are like an omen to the natural process and is a symbolic manifestation of mankind making himself God, the man made cubicle and man made creations of this world’s road to self destruction.

Man cannot rule himself nor be the creator of his own creation, thus it is destructive and an erroneous historical, generationalized path. The heavens and the earth are responsive to the spiritual condition of man in his Babylonian creation of artificial goods and not God’s natural fruits and gifts.

This is a preliminary look into the abomination of desolation. jrc

Don’t Blame Celibacy: this is what the spirit of evil wants.

Most definitely Satan will guide certain individuals to pick places most sacred to God, his adversary.  Then how convenient, they point the finger at the Catholic Church.  The Church IS under spiritual attack.

The Church is not to blame it’s the surrounding culture and environment these men grow up in, under free will, before preying upon and picking where.  Would we blame the USA if it were under attack by the Russians?  Government is democracy based while the Church is spiritually based.

Many of these priests are in Pennsylvania and other states that are shaped by some thriving negative culture in states showing similar stats.  These are states that have been evolving American culture since the 1700’s and where the most cases of abuse are concentrated.  Is this a look into our culture in the years to come as these traits age more into our culture?  I wouldn’t be surprised if our society puts out the first batch of married priests.   These traits are shaped and instilled characteristics that is already festering in these states especially with stats like these.  

Please do not blame celibacy.   The reason being is that it acts as an essential quality of the person entering seminaries and the priesthood.  Celibacy is a perfect filter of those who wish to be otherwise or whatever their predominant vulnerabilities, intentions and genuine commitments may be.  Taking away opens a door for more evil to mingle.  And having said the latter, it is clearly one of Satan’s central attacks and corruption is to get rid of the concept of celibacy.  All cultures create their own tendencies as shaped by the environment human beings grow up in.

These men make choices to enter for a reason and are already vulnerable.  There is definitely a profile here and the Church Christianity needs to seek out psychiatrists, therapists and explore how to minimize men with certain vulnerabilities from entering the priesthood. 

The Catholic Church is a large and global culture and practically a nation; but the American states where these stats derive from in essence are bred in  “predator states and American culture”.  For example: If predators are largely bred in the United States we don’t blame “United States” as a whole and it’s presiding President.  The Catholic name is taking the finality of these individual men and the free choice to seek out where they can have access and evolve into oppressions born from vulnerabilities.

Procedure to Expose the Negative Power in Secret Sins Held

Homo heretical as I understand this phrase or even a label but to re define forgiveness that yes you are forgiven but now must start a process of procedure for his sake, that of any victims and the Church, and to assure that forgiveness stands but priesthood is removed.

Fellowship and support of each other is good and kept because they are a team and like family surrounding priests as comrades. This is great but we need to prepare them to not ever expect a fellow priest and comrade to go without REALISTIC penance or leave room for Satan’s exploitation or to vouch or hide a psychological pathos that needs extensive professional therapy along with non priestly soul searching.

Adding dismissal from service and yes forgiveness BUT not without the humility by exposure and removal of which in itself is behaviorally and spiritually therapeutic. Yes forgive but steps are understood by both parties that this is what we as priest in a modern age must rejoice in doing versus hold secret but full exposure of crimes.

Thereafter a priest must utter “I understand that this confession is of such that I must follow the procedures set up for my crime and if I don’t, he must rejoice in having my fellow confessor proceed as I am not capable of doing for the sake of my spiritual and emotional heath and that of my victims”.

Priestly discretion and a whole seminarian topic of instruction and approved procedures in child crime or other serious pathological behaviors versus just vouching for each other as placing ALL matters confessed in God’s hands?

I guarantee you that the Spirit of God within him is the inner saboteur that will eventually expose it for him because his soul desires to be exposed.

But help victims & him early if possible. A priest having confessed such crimes or discovered should voluntarily state the procedure alongside his confessor that dismissal is understood, then await further confirmations by exposure but never keep Satan’s work and infiltrations a secret.

This is Saint Michaels sword of exposure and humility. This here is to NOW proceed with your watchdog title to define this and have exposure as a must to benefit the Church and the priest with the pathos. jrc

The Fallen Rainbow

The fallen rainbow…? Oh how definitively collectively symbolically you uphold a strong and beautiful arch. A bridge to life on the other side of the great flood waters.

The cause of such can sustain many a sin to bear down upon a present day rainbow archway collapsing. Fallen to Earth now is God’s old promise as Christ incarnate solidifies a promise kept by returning to rescue and save His Flock.

But first to uphold and not by way to flood the Earth to rid the sin, but to adjudge the Red Dragon’s flock by plagues and death to death.

The new purple color weighing it down is the coming to Earth of salvation but first must come the removal and destruction of evil and death. By excessive sin ’tis a promise holding on by wits end.

It is good versus evil, and once again global calamity, as decisive as Noah’s Flood, must befall again. ”Tis death as physical earth but yet arise renewed and clothed in white robes upon a renewed Earth and flesh to await the Passover of the plagues.

The purple is the royalty of Christ returning soon to Save the Earthly flock, but first the dark evil royalty of the huge Red Dragon must heavily weigh upon the promise and befall it’s own proud judgment.

‘Tis a version of death common to Satan’s judgments as persecution of the innocent resistance by God’s loyal sheep. Arise and rejoice that you are whitely clothed in the precious blood and bread of Christ incarnating within us.

This being His rescue and His coming to Earth, an Indwelling presence, a victorious dragon slayer. This is the dragon being cast out from Heaven and is upon the Earth with great fury. Saint Michael defend us. jrc

This video of the fallen rainbow

–Read my book The Phases of Revelation by Juan Carrillo. It is on BN paperback and Nook ebook! Thanks and God Bless.–

The Atheist Complex as Denial

Thank you my dear readers, I wanted to share my response to an atheist talk show host Bill Maher versus a Catholic intellectual, and my belief that the spirit of error will always be in error. My comment is below:

So true when you say “in a way it is bad news for the both of us” in regards to the pros and cons. Satan and Us are in battle as is seen by the back and forth dynamics between you and Bill Maher.

For example, you as a faithful servant yet sinner “and” Bill Maher as an indirect claimant of Satanic favor and negative essence. It is not Satan versus God because God created evil to challenge humanity and will be discarded upon humanity reaching the spiritual maturity God intends.

Of course, Satan being limited in cognitive thinking and emotional depth, is suitably known as the spirit of ERROR. Thus yes he would say that “ALL religion is anti intellectual”.

This is inaccurate, and a mere stereotyping and a reliance on generalized confusion. All the while Bill erroneously uses the eccentric, egocentric fashion of the term intellectual.

This is a sample of the atheist complex that leads to their demise or death of soul and improper connectivity to the Holy Spirit or true intellect and wisdom. The glamour of evil is a trick of false confidence the novice mindset of an under evolved spiritual human.

Images and Faces In the Clouds

The lightning strikes the demons hidden in the dark clouds and releases the water which is held in captivity by them. Symbolically it also represents divine communication or any sudden intuitive awareness or opening of the mind. 

To me as in the latter, the heavens are a projection and extension of our collective selves and depict our turbulent nature in similitude with the turbulence of Mother Nature and Earth. 

Then heaven intervenes to save but for now it is bent on conquest and destruction as is written in Biblical Revelation.  The huge red dragon versus the faith, the Virgin Mary, the birth of the new heaven and earth ajoined in marriage once again.  It occomplishes a mission set out by God to populate the Earth. jrc

7Deadly Sins: all equally severe

Your not immune from the seven deadly sins where lust is alongside 6 just as deadly sins, 6 of which are no lesser in severity.

No matter how your mustard seedling brain interprets or justifies it your still in proudful judgement, envy, sloth, greed of your fellow man.

Some sins Satan has justified to be paraded in public speaking so long as the one hiding his lust is the worst of the worse.

This is a trick while he runs away with the many pulpit rhetoric and under the very pastor’s care is committing a deadly sin directly in front of those committing it alongside you in agreement.

In the 10 commandments there is no lesser deed…

We are Christian and are denying it just as the cock crowed for the 3rd time on Peter our first Pope.

The scandal is another trial where evil is attempting to infiltrate the concept of forgiveness and set us back to before Christ.

The acts of sin going back to dates of abuse for a Cardinal is a sin forgiven so long as not repeated; but yet he is set for a journey of consequences, of which, he is supposed to admit now to the public or the inner saboteur, the higher self, the inner temple unconsciously will make sure of he confesses to the public.

The latter is cleansing for his soul to go through this process. The latter is rejoice time for us as a Church to expose and face humility and consequence. Let the idiot among you that is without sin cast the first stone.

Of course no one shall step forward except the accusers who themselves are bound for purgatory or hell in the process of judging and remaining unconfessed. He will cast the stone inflicting upon him death for his adulterous act. The latter is not a Christian but a protester refusing forgiveness and is set back in his Christian evolution by 2,000 years.

But I guarantee you…Lord I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof, but I will only say the word and my soul shall be healed.