In the days of the Mana, the Jews asked, “What is it?” “Where does it come from?” and why is it upon the ground to eat? And why is it good for us to eat of it and why do we ask “Where does it come from?” This is bread that falls from Heaven like the rain and the snow? It was called “mana?” or “what is it?”.

But the rain and snow have been with us throughout our life time and if we see it for what it truly is then we will die where we stand. And so we ask “What is this?” Never shall our physical selves see it or be able to see it lest we die unworthily having seen the real presence of God upon our physical hands.

And so we don’t see it, we can not ever, never see God in vain, nor see God when pride stricken or sinful as we are hand…?.

Before receiving of the Eucharist we say, “Lord I am unworthy that you should enter under my roof, but I will only say the word and my soul shall be healed.”

The soul, that which sees and takes the real presence upon the physical hands and wonders, is doing a Holy thing by not seeing it and remains unconsciously taking of the Body and Blood of Christ. The soul see the miracle of trans-substantiation. It is Holy that I can not see a presence nor explain it. It is Holy that I take from this true Tree of Life and eat of it.

Those who see it as a mere piece of bread and a glass of wine, see it for what they truly see it as, from the soul perspective, and where they refuse to take the Body and Blood of Christ. 

This would otherwise be taken in vain if I saw it just as Adam and Eve were awakened and could see that which they consumed. They hid in shame from God and if we can then see the Real Presence we would die.

In Genesis God says, “Now, let us see if they will reach out and take the bread from the tree of life?” This taking from the Tree of Life is Christ’s flesh that which is true and divine bread but we doubt and ask if this really truly is a miracle. And is it God Himself in this bread and wine which I am about to take and eat? This is a divine moment yet doubt to the physical sinful person, but yet true taking, the actual taking of the presence despite not knowing if it is what it is but yet I take it.

My physical presence in the midst of the presence of God is note worthily and divinely intended that the elect should not see when taking this bread and wine. “I am not worthy”, is a humble asking, what is this bread and drink that I always come to take, always will take no matter what. I believe it to be bread from Heaven and Christ, yes I do but where might Christ be within it? “I can not see”, “What is it?”.

***to edit***Like Adam and Eve who wonder of life into its hands upon the physical and wonders what is this while on the other hand Were upon this world but instead ask God Himself but see it only with our inner eye of faith that sees what it is holding and asking what this may be?

Lecture videos by Dr Brant Pitre:


SIGNS OF OUR TIMES: UN Calling Storm “Unprecedented” Never seen in History

Mozambique Unprecedented Historic Storm


It is not “socialism” it is SURVIVAL. Prep your show better you moron. It is about the top 1% greedy pigs chomping, squeezing the life out of the middle/lower class and leaving an empty void, a gaping hole that amounts to “SURVIVAL”. Homelessness, tent cities, social security and health care, affordability, bills and rent, why is the main question not denial etc.

It is not just about people and cost of living but at the cost of a “DYING” nation – SURVIVAL because of greed pumping out every last bit of so-called marketing of every aspect of life, truth, morals and justice itself.

Can millennials AFFORD monthly child care at $300, a car $400, groceries $300, health insurance $250, rent or mortgage $1000, educating the nation is lost, get it LOST, and other bills $…etc??? This is a dying national REALITY. 

Socialism my fu&@ing a$$!!! Take your deadbeat slogans and shove em up your lazy thinking a$$…!!!

At the corrupt rate that the right Aristocratic, fascist government is puppeting their congressmen, “Ideas” and words does not amount to concrete action for a dire future millennial era Americans. Words in this system are intertwined as voter marketing tactics and ideas are being cashed in for this back wards value instead of real words of courage and honor. 

When millennials come of age…they will be a true embodiment of truth and justice because of the age of diseased, greed based governance of old school trash that they are left to suffer and ponder.  

These are not loyal, fellow countrymen, they are traitors to public responsibility, they are pirates and thieves who shun on lower classes. These narcissistic, antisocial men of dishonor make money their idol and oddly believe that they are “being punished for their SUCCESS”!!!??? Success is not monetary in nature.

Buncha simpleton, backwards fu$&-ups!! A rich man is in capable of entering heaven because his survival is purely monetary.  The severity of this issue leaves no room for compromise we’re talking survival and their talking survival.  This is America and our fellow citizens and we lack in real men that know how to address REAL ISSUES NOT FU&$ING half wits that line their pockets with blood stained money.

Tell that to a single mom with children, who works two jobs and too many scenarios of life realities, scenarios and real circumstances of survival. jrc


Senator John Kerry said when hearing a Republican argument full of self serving manipulation, “…is this really happening?” He indirectly identified and remarks on the usual negative elemental, a driving priority rampant among Republican defensiveness. It is monetary and greed based, non constitutional, an unGodly idol, that takes precedence over truth, justice and in God we Trust.

It turns true men of governance into a bitter bafflement that is characteristic of the occult tendency built into the bandit vulchers and hyenas that they’re up against.  It stand’s guard of its cash giving priority awaiting to devour a monetary based corruption. 

It’s an elitist basis of greed and self preservation and perversion. It is an un-taxed, market based fascism lacking in public responsibility, but thriving on anything their fellow public citizenry might offer as a mere market and to whom they return favor,…by trickle down “giving”? Yet it merely remains a bitter mockery of proper governance. 

The bafflement continues to deceive our government by the people and FOR the people not for those that get elected to cash in on deception for opportunities sake.  jrc


Access and clearance defines a purpose and intention alongside the distribution of blame so as to never arrive at a source.

How amazing to see the extent of corruption amidst this right extremist stronghold and the removal of trust and the rule of law.

To the Hispanic community the state of the White House is a ripening and maturing evil. It is readying for a holocaust against innocence as evil would have it be done.

This is a classic death squad and warlike fact of history. This is headed to a climax of justification and blame. All will play out as I’m generally telling it by no doubt. The main objective of this evil is death to millions.

My fellow citizens, historians, men of honor and Christian chivalry, those who trust in God, and true Americans of this Democracy, this is a crowning moment in history to see this rise and take its toll. Once death begins you will see Satan in rule of this once country of ours.

Too much of the obvious is happening. Korea is befriended for its nuclear capacity as this confederacy rebirths its disease. The Russians are befriended as a common interest to propagandize mass migrations and creating even more problems south of the border. Our imposter for a President is obviously a pawn with access in this plan.

Our country is in the hands of fascism and its agenda is moving forward toward bloodshed of our fellow citizens primarily of Latin American descent and those of color. Along with those intertwined in familial cultures along the borders.

This also sparks a route of death toward charitable Catholic organizations and Christian entities to be accused by empathizing with the “so called enemy”. The latter is the goal of evil, to make its way to the throat of Christianity.

It is by now a national emergency to stop all extreme Right wing Republicans of this nature. Especially those that have agreed to remove the rule of law and loyalize evil. They are of an occult origin the more they progress to bring out the true nature of this beast. jrc

THE RETURN TO GENESIS 1:2: watery depths and the surface spirit

I can’t help but to correlate a phrase you used called “atmospheric river” and how this land based cyclone abnormality carries its self atmospherically until gravity finally reaches a dropping point climax. Sort of like pulling the plug off a bath tub.

Is this phrase a becoming trend that in its progressive increase creates an earth trying to balance surface water versus atmospheric water and the excesses thereof are reaching significant trends on the surface or sea levels rising.

The water masses and unnatural weights are reflective of surface water excesses that relates to polar melting accumulations even over the passage of recent years. Mankind spirituality and God’s creation for man and woman has reached a climax alongside these trends. She Earth is regressing back to Genesis 1:1.

Republicanism, As An Evil Conservatism of Greed, and Not A Moral Conservatism

Republican and the far right state is a defensive segment. A usurous idol of evil greed.  It overflows with hate and reacts to its guiding concept of human vulnerability succumb to power and sin.  It is selfishly self serving,  entitled as if it has a right of way to even inflict death. If it weren’t for the counterweight of the far left the extreme would justify and have its way with the greedy materialistic benefits of death and war.

They falsely believe that America is selfishly theirs and will never think outside the box and never compromise their greed based livelihood and yes their idol. At any cost will it uphold the grip it has upon the human heart.  Stay poor beware of this almighty materialistic evil force.   The latter Evil Spirit is very much so a dangerous entity.  I call it Babylon.  

This is already a national emerging matter amounting to a citizen safety emergency. In a more accurate context consistent with the immorality of this system is that far right in this negative condition is a false “American” concept, an archetypal driven Beast merely bent on one thing, destruction.  It is a imprinted archetype of sickly novice idiocy, in the form of a marketing concept ingrained into the character of its people. It is void of morality and driven by the god of greed. Especially when triggered by this embedded complex, it then runs on auto pilot that is stuck on carrying out an erroneously founded power grab and influence.  This is merely a Satanic stronghold presiding in the land of freedom and justice for all, In God we trust is not present but the mere consequence is a cancerous growth ready to take its death toll. 

The defensiveness born of this is of little avail to moderation and pliability. The latter already speaks of problematic intentions; a patho-cultural characteristic that drives an immoderate purpose.

Christianity is not at the center of such a systemic model. If this were so there would be room for the usual compromise. The maintenance of this false, right wing, idol of a system is counterproductive. Mainly, because the ultimate goal is to gain access to the exploitation, manipulation, false justification and false investment of public funds. All the while referring to the return on investment of public funds as “trickle down economics”. Or the justification that this is how they “give back”.

One of the true patriots to restoring Democracy in America is Joe Biden, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Bernie Sanders, all of whoms views are what conservatism should be and what it needs to return to, “A government for the people and by the people”. Versus, the greed base that it is currently corrupted by, and the illusion that the Aristocratic system of greed and usury has morphed into!

I over heard a Republican representative say that the idea of taxing the rich is an act of “punishing them for being successful.” Define success and it is definitely not based on the sole naive goal of getting rich versus real base moral courage, honor, Americans dreaming of familial and spiritual goals and purpose of character. Not solely dwelling and pressing for a priority based on – money worship! The freaking latter is the MAIN basis of government? In one word “fascism” and not government by a democracy.

The latter is idol worship as this extremist core purpose becomes uncovered as a non Christian moral goal and now topples into being a Satanic driven system. This amounts to a governmental “stronghold” showing all the signs of Satanic decadence in purpose and not moral. I have previously written about the concept of “stronghold” in this blog, please refer to it.

Thus voter manipulation erroneously becomes a marketing strategy and corporatist dependent fascist thriving on a partisan term basis. The survival of the fittest style system is encouraged and thriving in times of economic recessions and persists to bull doze the governmental moral core of a government “for the people and by the people”.

At this point the extremist-right view becomes more irrational, verbally and physically defensive and even delusional based among the lesser educated. All the while the rich get richer and the poor poorer. It’s classic fascist corporatism and Aristocratic governance. Its voter base becomes a vulnerable and elitist used vehicle to blame and project hate, by self righteously proclaiming false reason and erroneously founded permissions to act with dangerous extremes. This is already a far gone escalation and damage done state.

This is because the corrupt stronghold has already infiltrated the moral core and is decaying and extracting it from the system. It will exploit it enough to trigger the formed-reaction and reason to bring death to the essential moral base. Truth and “In God we trust” is the aim of this Satanic stronghold. It is taunted and provoked and triggered; and I can assure you, that it is prepared to destroy. It’s fowl flock responds accordingly. This is the goal of a Satanic stronghold – death to a Christian moral base. The forces of good and evil are basics battling in all governmental models and it is playing out in the good ole U.S. of A.

This racist segment in the past has driven out and even brought death to small communities unjustifiably perceived as a threat. But more so under the surface is the cause of an intolerance that presumes welcoming up to a certain power based point. Their concept of trespassing bears no basis of manageability from an international and inclusive perspective.

Those they perceive to be a threat, are utilized for the labor. When done with their labor, and faced with what to do with them, is a dangerous climax reached like immigrant blame. This is the same Beast that arose during WW II.  Let alone incorporate or let them affiliate. It is a slave-style based system because if they didn’t have government making slavery illegal, they’d merely exploit.  And so they minimally give just enough to stay right with the moral legal, avoid taxes and let that portion otherwise for government tax be the portion for the wages?  Anything goes.  

Even here their pathological concept of “entitlement” still seems to take back what they perceive to have given in a generalized public sort of way. For example: Native Americans, Chinese miners, African Americans, Hispanics and White etc.

These events are a modern pattern of these hostile efforts. Especially if the Hispanic influence continues, this segment will further its defensiveness. If not so now in efforts to taunt and provoke even fighting to justify death in significant amounts to prevent.

The wall is also a metaphorical symbol of confederate and eugenics starting to portray itself in a very threatening way to a trending Hispanic nation accelerating to inevitable influence.

Entrust that God has a plan and goal of His own for all of us. jrc

A Satanic Stronghold in U.S. is Begun

Wake up America to the corruption that extreme Republican-ISM and the negative dark stronghold that wants to take charge of this President’s power, by way of his behavioral/spiritual vulnerability. It is equivalent to the false evil comfort with slavery amidst so-called “conservatives” that are in reality vulnerable “Satanic” pockets of influence and practices as are clearly portrayed by this evil Presidential puppet. (Read RepSteve King, neo- nazi sympathizer and views: )

Spiritually and in wake of his power, he is vulnerable to the likes of a Satanic occupation as has occurred throughout history. Germanic eugenics built walls and barricades, death camps, divided families etc etc etc. We men of honor, courage and those who fear God know the signs of a stronghold.

We can’t build a wall spend billions to save face Republican pride, Fox News pride propaganda and the klannish team working struggle to save face their f$&@up President Trump.

He will resort to anything especially bloodshed, death and war by provocative campaigns against the Hispanic/Mexican families, the Church and separation of children, a demeaning wall socially, internationally and environmentally disgusting.

Dear God we are a nation vulnerable to the likes of an Anti-Christ. There are no true men left to lead as he will consume truth and justice by the mere stroke of lies and deception. A spiritual take over is at hand.

He is striking at core relations and nerves that aim to provoke and demonize border towns, international relations and familial cultural-social ties that strongly knit people there. We along the border are the experts this idiot and falsely elected freak needs to be listening to.

SIN IS SIN: anyway you cut-it it remains sin

I primarily want to address a matter of sin, that anyway you cut it (whether lust, lying, stealing, adultery, murder, false idols etc) – is sin! And the abiding to God’s commandments is a perfect record that no man is ever going to achieve.

In The Book of Revelation it says that no man was found to be worthy, no man, no one, for which John wept until Christ who was the only one found worthy to break the seals etc. Sin is sin and same sex sin is a form of acting out by a person with repression’s and or trauma in need of healing or damage is done. So goes whether you forge a check from your grandmas checking account, or if you smash someone’s face in a fight, or physically abuse a child verbally, physically emotionally, sexually is no different it is still sinister and inexcusable behavior.

The 10 commandments and the deadly sins and human nature is an intertwined community of interrelated actions handed down from birth to death, and events and experiences of a sinful to hurtful, to traumatic nature are violations of any of humanity and God’s commandments. One commandment inflicted upon any fellowman is a domino effect doomed to be repeated in some form as may be enhanced by the extent of another persons personal dosage of suffering.

Sin is sin anyway you cut it. Just because Johnny Joe plays with his pecker to porn while his sister PeggySue forges checks from grandmas checking account, does not make little JJ a creature from hell. Nor does it make little Jimmy Swaggart a pulpit bible thumping marketer, competitor and judger of others any different.

A mother and father figure is symbolically core and abortion is a mere act comparable to many atrocities occurring alongside the trending “audacity” or the giving of permission to our selves is trending “collectively” across the board, not just in abortion, but in adult men raping children? Hmm why do you want to play the worst of the worst game when worst is already enough? Rather as a whole, a looming spiritual battle between good and evil ever increasingly escalating to a climax.

The Holy Spirit is carrying out an agenda of separating the sheep from goats and the spirit of error, by purpose given it by God, is desperately clawing for souls, decay and corruption. Those running to and remaining in the Blessed Sacrament are in essence, like the few that are boarding Noah’s ark.

Your welcome to my book THE PHASES OF REVELATION BY Juan Carrillo. It is based off of my spiritual experience, generally, I know what the next Pope will name himself because I saw him in bilocation…Peter I and the last. jrc

Forgiveness: the new law destined to become earthly law

Wonderful letter by the Bishop whose soul is in the embrace of the Holy Spirit.

Therein is your answer to your re-interpreting and relabeling of homo-heretical by referring to it as “sexual sin”. Yes generally encompassing a class of sin like adulterer, pedophile, rapist, child molester, etc.

This sexualization has no limits, it is sin per the 10 commandments as thou shall not commit adultery and the having of no other gods and idolizing these demons. Anyway you cut it, it is still a demon, one greater perhaps but still sin.

Christ the very finger of God that wrote the old laws on stone, wrote upon the dirt when the woman was caught in adultery. What Christ wrote was “forgiveness” in the symbolic form of some Aramaic impression implying mercy, forgiveness, etc.

It must have been a moment of forethought and hesitation to await before the stoning began. Just as surely as God’s incarnation was set on forgiveness, it was thereby declared to begin and modeled properly for all mankind to incorporate the like thereafter.

His whole ministry up to then and after has been about love and forgiveness, the saving of mankind. His giving of the our Father prayer and so it was definitely a symbol of love and forgiving trespasses.

This love was writ upon the dirt symbolizing that with the sin is incorporated a quality of a non stone, a non permanence to now come of age and refine souls with hesitation and forethought in the application of the 10 commandments.

What Christ had written was soon thereafter gone and erased by the wind like forgiveness it was a sin now gone with the wind. Just as when Christ said, “Let the one among you who is without sin cast the first stone”. Immediately upon saying this all present departed one by one, like the dust particles soon erased by the winds of the new age.

As was written by Him God upon the dust they to departed, gone with the wind. We will no longer cast upon others hearts of stone, nor judge but love thy enemy and erase the sin with the words “Go and sin no more!”

Your sins are forgiven but do me a favor and “GO” with what consequence and judgment by the world, wherein the 10 commandments have imprinted upon the hearts a more reasonable and merciful measure of judgment. The “go” means the learning and knowing that there are worldly consequences to face and confess truthfully, and of course by sinning no more.

The present world has learned and embedded upon itself the 10 commandments. From then to now is about the learning of a greater trait, a post commandment age to adjoin the age of forgiveness that is in the works with the goal of its globality.  This is the next phase of God’s plan for mankind and that it shall be introduced for the new age. Our Father hollowed be thy name as they Kingdom comes near and next! jrc