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Dear Lord the Republican clan claim of socialism is a scam job and in light of a legitimate need for plain simple governance to be intelligibly intact and of course alongside the common good of capitalism.

Republican on top of moronic Republican pride and corruption has created the great need for the strong emphasis on basic governance. And thus the lords of common sense arise from the ranks in the form of Sanders, Cortez (AOC), O’Rourke, Warren, Biden, and the entirety of the Democrats who truly defend justice.

In reference to the Trump demand that the whistleblower be revealed despite it being illegal? Again and again proof of corrupt defiance and betrayal on the rise and we must stop this evil progression.

Your endangering a true patriot. You can’t legally make a whistleblower disappear from testifying! Illegal to reveal you freaking Confederate genome traitors!!!

“Whistleblower” the term, is in this case of proper governance, it is an ethical and moral responsibility to report.

The whistleblower, either He or she, is a hero and patriot for the people! OUR ELECTED Congress men and women to adjudge, confirm and thereby a MUST to impeach and to show our strength that WE WILL NOT be compromised. Trump has “Betrayed our country to a foreign power” as Madison quoted when impeachment is a MUST!!!

There’s NO fu@!ing if ands or buts about it! He has no place as a President! Let our elected Congress take the rule over the improper unethical matter of betrayal. Let freedom ring let the righteous rule, IN GOD WE TRUST!!!!

I used to arrest for offenses &helped serve warrants on real crimes like this. Are you freaking blind? But this is the presidency, democracy, an international issue, treason, not just any white collar crime. It is arrest worthy, warrant service, Abuse of power &personal gain.

This is not the governance we want to see in public service. Not the example of Democracy but treason and betrayal.

Treason is just drama! The whole of our Congress is just drama? A plain ass clearly a crime is just drama? Criminality, it’s a crime, it’s criminal behavior, intentionally, knowingly and willingly…all the elements and probable cause are clear you fu$&ing crooked bastard.


Valid analogy that the segment of the Republican Congress and Senate are prone to mutually be connected as they are their own nation having betrayed the public trust. They are sold into corporatism and fascist style tactics to better serve the greed and corruption that runs the Republican Congress. It’s a part of public interests but this is excessively addicting and they simply can not let go of greed and hear the common sense. Cold hearted trashy and deceitful character can become even more infectious if it is allowed to gather more momentum. Where was the money trail going? Was it political and self preservation for the course of the next four years? The greed based hunger keeps finding options to feed its disgraceful and heartless appetite.

The Catholic Intentions of Christopher Columbus


I have added several articles in effort to gather information on Christopher Columbus and his intentions to expand the Catholic faith first and foremost and secondly to open routes for commerce etc.


Is A False Catholic/Protestant Church Forming in America?

By Juan Carrillo, August 24, 2019

My Comments on YouTube clip by Steve Skojec 1peter5.com concerning Cardinal Maradiaga’s statement on Cardinal Burke:

My friend, your attempting to accuse Pope Francis, the Vicar of Christ, of heresy alongside Cardinal Burke. As you said it that the Pope is “shh a heretic”? Your claim that Pope Francis is a heretic is absurd.  If for example Saint Suzy Q got a divorce from John Doe what is it of yours to sit and judge humanity and condemn men or women?  Is this what you call traditional? Your setting is back to stoning, as in the primitive old Testament style? This is what Satan wants to set God’s Church back in reverse. The spirit of error is speaking through you and Burke and many others, very clearly.

Christ said go and sin no more to an adulterous woman! How can this be, also to love your enemy, how can this be? Your Christian duty to practice core essentials of love and forgiveness and not to adjudge yourself as being superior and so by your own accord you have a clear conscience upon approaching and ingesting the body of Christ?

My friend, get a Master of Theology and listen better, feel the love in the study with the heart as well as the brain. It sounds like your placing politics above Christianity and playing the US’s version of partisanship when it should not be amidst the purity of Christian values and the essential Vicar Shepherd. Burke played it like what your doing and he dismissed himself.

So I believe it’s epidemic non sense characteristic of, sorry to say, our American culture and should not. This is not traditional nor conservatism it is brain dead foolishness.

Further, above is my comment concerning Steve Skojec’s depiction of Cardinal Rodriguez Cardinal Maradiaga as not making it clear as to why Cardinal Burke was corrected. And rightly so. Anyone of a true Catholic nature can easily understand Cardinal Cardinal Maradiaga’s reasons below.

But still the scary part is that our political partisan game seems to want to thrust itself into the purity of the Catholic faith. We should never succumb to the irrational falsity of Americanized right wing pride and their warped version of conservatism and tradition. Leaving it in such hands is an abomination.

I would like to make note to editors to guard themselves against the taint of political culture in the USA and how it stems from partisanism. You have to know the core essentials of Christianity to see where Cardinal Maradiaga is coming from instead of personalizing and denying while standing firm to empty points.  This pattern or pride is below the intentions of the words of Cardinal Cardinal Maradiaga. All you have to do is dissect his words properly to see the statement simply upholding Peter as the Teacher of the Church and the intentions depicted by Cardinal Burke to refer to him as heretic.   

Bizarre indeed, a mix of political culture and mutual and spiritually dangerous agendas and implications.   The spiritual dogma is uncompromising core Christian essentials for Church survival. Why is a “Cardinal” not oriented properly to this? Loyalty is to the tradition of the new seat of Moses, the Vicar of Christ and striving to see its meaning. How this proudful element, as said to characterize Burke, as the product of a poor man.  This element is not US political cultural right or left, if so it is already spritual poverty in the works not just in Burke, but in the entire partisan battle that has the nerve to infiltrate even a CARDINAL, and onto mislead? 

This is your real story; and not about upholding the pride of Burke, or Latins versus Anglo or nonsense like this.  This is the higher point of Cardinal Maradiaga and your editorial outlook seems to have missed the Traditional Conservative message presented by him and upheld.  There is a proper stance here that needs to be understood per “God’s” intentions as “Vicar of Christ”. But the nonsense is even able to make its way into your reporting on the scathing of Cardinal Burke. This seems to leave the room for the bias of American versus Central American etc.  This is hardly the point versus defining Cardinal Maradiaga’s reasons as coming from core fundamentals of Catholicism.  

This is the true essence of tradition, dogma and news worthy Catholic editorials, from this angle, instead of engaging in ego defensive diologue as in finding a middle ground between core Christianity and an idiots pride.  You don’t do that, you simply defend the core in circumstances as given in this case. You don’t just go poison the Church. Remember you report to the “public”.

Per case by case but this one is clearly as corrected by Cardinal Maradiaga. What is it, a Latin trigger related to Pope Francis, an immigrant or a Mexican or a Latino.  Read between the lines and you will find your self in this pathetic ball park that will be disproved every time by any Theological intellectual within and outside of the American Rightwing nonsense.  

Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga announces as follows concerning American Cardinal Raymond Burke’s dismissal as a “disappointed man” upset over the loss of his power by fellow Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga of Honduras. Finally here is his comment:

“That cardinal who sustains this,” Maradiaga said, referring to the criticism of Amoris, “is a disappointed man, in that he wanted power and lost it. He thought he was the maximum authority in the United States.

“He’s not the magisterium,” Maradiaga said, referring to the authority to issue official teaching. “The Holy Father is the magisterium, and he’s the one who teaches the whole Church. This other [person] speaks only his own thoughts, which don’t merit further comment.

“They are the words,” Maradiaga said, “of a poor man.”

Maradiaga also criticized conservative schools of thought in Catholicism, of which Burke is often seen as a symbol.

“These currents of the Catholic right are persons who seek power and not the truth, and the truth is one,” he said. “If they claim to find some ‘heresy’ in the words of Francis, they’re making a big mistake, because they’re thinking only like men and not as the Lord wants.

“What sense does it have to publish writings against the pope, which don’t damage him but ordinary people? What does a right-wing closed on certain points accomplish? Nothing!

“Ordinary people are with the pope, this is completely clear,” Maradiaga said. “I see that everywhere.

“Those who are proud, arrogant, who believe they have a superior intellect … poor people! Pride is also a form of poverty,” he said.

“The greatest problem, however, is the disorientation that’s created among people when they read affirmations of bishops and cardinals against the Holy Father,” he said.

Maradiaga called his fellow cardinals to loyalty.

“I think that one of the qualities we cardinals [should have] is loyalty,” he said. “Even if we don’t all think the same way, we still have to be loyal to Peter.”

Whoever doesn’t offer that loyalty, he said, “is just seeking attention.”

Response To Reports of ICE Agents Arresting 680 Workers

August 11, 2019 By Juan Carrillo

Nationalism is more organized and widespread. It’s not just white supremacy groups and online hate platforms but also the denied intentions of stock piling weapons profiles and the awaiting leadership running for office and how they intentionally target and okay the actions of their own constituency as readied militias.

There is a widespread terror threat to Democracy in America and the old Confederacy is a good model and summation already in place. This will birth forth chaos to setup its own government until it is satisfied. Holocaust is inevitable. It is awaiting the go ahead to become it.

Its voting in its coinciding Congress that gridlocked throughout the Obama Presidency, racist fears keep on mounting to other traits offensive to these sizable segments. They are like triggers to the Confederacy, as a complex to an underlying genetic instinct. When instinct is taunted the predisposed genetic makeup of a group begins to get defensive, and Trump is feeding it as a mutually understood goal based on fear.

He just does what his marketing tactics do for him and if he can fuel it, he will. There is also a spiritual element creating negative stronghold, of which to him it is likely unconscious and just by nature of his antisocial character has an appeal to a negative spiritual element also being mobilized to take advantage of the low grade personality that has taken office. Do what you would do if ICE went in there and murdered them all. Major changes but lead by whom? Military would be a likely solution but how would the Presidency be over ridden? By VP etc… jrc


Never ever doubt, never ever get angry with God. Always be grateful. Always be grateful and trust. Trust and trust only entrust always that He has your fate in His hands!! Let it just be what it needs to be according to His will.

But plead and plead to Him the one and only who hears all who kneel and ask with spiritual force thrusting it into His midst. The tested, and whom he favors by their refined prayers, closer to Eden with more ease He hears when in grace. Hear me ole Lord my selfish request.

Never be worthy always be unworthy being true to how we are in His site who sees us as poor fallen creatures. Always pray and kneel, yes kneel before the Almighty whose summoning deserves the utmost truest and genuine of asking…worthily and never in vain or proud manipulations or deals.

Never kneeling for gulps of twisted riches and ungrateful more and more of what time spent with his gift is priceless and cherished in thankfulness. This always means eternal grace and grateful for the gift of innocence He gave us. Those whom he gave us to embrace. jrc


How would you feel if you were SEPARATED FROM YOUR PARENTS during your childhood…terrorized and traumatized I am sure you would feel it. How would you feel if you were kept separated from your parents for MONTHS …inhumanly treated I AM SURE YOU WOULD FEEL IT! How would you feel if you uprooted and ABANDONED YOUR HOME and WALKED AND SLEPT WHERE ever NECESSARY TO SURVIVE AND KEEP GOING.

No more mass denial of the reality of racism and prejudice, and minimizing the full effects it has on your fellow country men and immigrant families who tolerate the shit daily. Black and Hispanic AMERICANS is an incarceration REALITY that the mass delusional frenzy of secret hate and denial can do.

Trump the marketing profiler and pathological, fascist Administration is clearly an antisocial and desensitized sickness of hate. It is hidden in denial and intolerance that undeniably INSTIGATES negativity. The missing screw is a mockery, Satanic in nature, tribal and clannish. And they call themselves conservatives and Christian?!! The Holy Spirit speaks truth from ad adversity.

This is a true definition of corruption and underdeveloped irresponsibly. The collective denied claim that concentration camps, idiot walls, Trump rally fear and threats, MASS incarceration and inhuman threats of mass deportations, etc is not what is happening on the border. It Damn well is a cultural fascist disease at work and rising out of the pits of hell!! Time to wake up. This beast is the bi product of the old Civil War Confederacy.

ICE Director Morgans focus on families amounts to the typical racist defensiveness tone.

•The clarity of denial yet the application of the latter with “focus” on the innocence of “families” generally said but yet implying immigrant families are not to populate nor thrive and so “deport them by the millions”.

•Plus Director Morgan is clearly in denial and antisocial of the concept of consequence to fear factor on a realistic level versus his generalized “rule of law” bull shi& justifying a partisan desire to the delusions of false criminality and protecting American people from “immigrant families”.

Dumbfounded “again the rule of law”, dah!!…as if we don’t understand ICE Director Morgan’s simpleton, remedial grasp of morality, ethics, humanity, Christianity.

I bet he says under his breath things like “these damn liberals”. He’s got his lips on Trumps rear end but of course not for

long given upcoming elections. Fear is a cage covered with foil paper bed sheets, pre packaged immigrant families living and breathing humans but yet he maintains the fart out of his own mouth and Trump’s mouth as “the rule of law”!

Breath of fresh air, to hear from more moral and real men and women of the human race like Chief Acevedo and Attorney Binford.

Keep Breathing Past Despair

Where I may fall there I lay awaiting a fate. Is this my day with my God that no one ever wants, that date of a fate we all must encounter.  Perfect it is to await it through some and come to some terms with He, who even in this your moment of despair is totally there.

No doubt, never ever doubt that fate is in His hands, definitely the most wonderful embrace is His arms, the arms of God after death. So it must be to have come close to such an awesome embrace. I may say no, no not yet but yet it may just be as such but to leave my fate entrusted upon His awesome hands. The ultimate giver of life, a life spent is perfect enough, even when you lay upon a trail, a life path where many have journeyed, and when not a soul passes it be just fine even – for here I am.

And so you lay upon the dust and rocks despite they be set aside. Yet still no comfort found yet breath and strength taken and yet unable to continue as far as I should desire. Patience, yes when in time you should be ready to desire, patience be learned.

Good be such that I find it comforting to gaze at the stars above, so awesome is He Christ this Holy Spirit who once said that, “into your arms I commend my spirit.” Beautiful moments indeed it must be as we ascend to the Creator.

It must be so perfect but yet we should leave it thereupon His hands to hold fate, and not I this creature of little worth. Yet I must be as such lest I not ascend to the great Heaven above. Never curse nor hate He God who takes life after life, yet He gives upon gives life and challenges and refines a soul till it be ready to ascend.

Even if you may be ready, He the almighty has a fate for still till it be fulfilled in whatever it may be; but it must be so and there even, right under my nose.

Yes, even death, that which comes to us all, we should love and smile at while laying upon the rocky earth wounded yet gazing in thanksgiving at the beauty of the stars. Thank you my creator for fate, that which I leave onto you to hold me until then.

The Big Dipper gives water and refreshes mankind yet can be the destroyer of man as in Noah’s time. Yet I see a falling star that moment when you signaled to me not to worry -You will receive your water, the purest of all. Bless be he who sees and attains gratitude and loves it despite incidence of disparity and survival.

Time is not eternal here for surely one day it must be so, but here we test and refine the soul anew and renew it again and again by trial and error.

Forgiveness is the new commandment of the entire Earth and Universe says He when He merely scribbled upon the dust. Awaken, the laws are not upon stone no more but upon the dust which blows away and erases it; but do not harden the heart lest it remain.

Dear perfect Christ you were there just a wee nothing past my doubts that evening in as humble as I should be, and rightly so you always are that we should never ask from a proudful filled heart.

Yet the evil trickster suggested and brought doubt that the desert sun is a friend that must be travelled upon if you so love those close to you, but yet patience came to rescue lest otherwise we perish.

My Christ thank you I am grateful for your ever so presence in my life and within those who surround us. jrc

Journey to the Cross

The journey to the Cross from the base of the trail begins an effort, a willingness to persist and insist to ascend further and further a hike and an effort.

Every step by step you ascend, you gain a great than what you were when you started. Keep going, it’s okay to look back, it’s okay to fall, it’s okay to doubt and return to the base but as long as you try again and again never ever giving up the climb to the Cross that resides unseen from where you may be. Still you know it is up there. Have faith that it is at the end of the journey.

My lesson is having learned the need to continue and never stop reaching out to make it to the unseen cross. It is and it must be way above. With trying effort I will make it there, tired, relieved, satisfied, fulfilled and content with my accomplishment.

To ascend and climb is an upward struggle that never ends from birth to death. We must persist and insist on a higher part of our selves. Yes continue and you will find a determined higher, inner self.

The closer you ascend the more you will see, physically, spiritually, the effort to persist and insist is a measure of the faith unearthed in the soul within. Upon your seeing the Cross, imagine how Christ must have seen it and felt it, it was joy to show the ultimate love and demonstrate forgiveness of thy enemies. It was not with hate in light of the passion and beatings, but with a burning passion to love His fellow mankind’s fallen spiritual condition.

To be nailed upon the Cross must it be for eternal life. How honored can I be. The journey is suffering and pain to truly ascend beyond the physical cross and thereafter ascend to Heaven where God resides. He journeyed to the Cross and so must I am be so determined to ascend!!! jrc


In the days of the Mana, the Jews asked, “What is it?” “Where does it come from?” And why is it upon the ground to eat? And why is it good for us to eat and why do we ask “Where does it come from?”

This is the bread that falls from Heaven. But not like the rain and the snow? It was called “mana?” or “what is it?”.

But the rain and snow have been with us throughout our life time. If we see it for what it truly is, then we will die where we stand. And so we ask “What is this?”

Never shall our physical selves see it, lest we die unworthily having seen the real presence of God upon our physical hands.

And so we don’t see it, we can not ever, never see God in vain, nor see God when pride stricken or sinful as we are at hand…? Why does it lay upon my hand? Why do “I choose” to lay it upon my hand? Why do I reach out for it a simple wafer slice of bread?

Before receiving of the Eucharist we say, “Lord I am unworthy that you should enter under my roof, but I will only say the word and my soul shall be healed.”

“I am unworthy” and this already says why we can not see the Bread of Life for what it Truly Is. The soul takes and sees the real presence upon the physical hands, that conscious person that wonders, doubts and asks “what is this”, is in spiritual actuality doing a Holy thing by not seeing it. Christ presence is present to the soul and drives the physical you to persist in unconsciously taking of the Body and Blood of Christ.

The soul see’s the miracle of trans-substantiation. It is Holy, that I can not see the presence nor explain it. It is Holy that I persist in taking from this True Tree of Life and eat it.

Those who see it as a mere piece of bread and a glass of wine, see it for what they truly see it as, from the soul perspective; and this is where they refuse to take the Body and Blood of Christ.  If you don’t reach out then it is a soul choice, a fallen soul.

This would otherwise be taken in vain if I saw it just as Adam and Eve were awakened and could “see” that which they consumed. They hid in shame from God; and if we can “see” the Real Presence, we would die.

In Genesis God says, “Now, let us see if they will reach out and take the bread from the tree of life?” This taking from the Tree of Life is Christ’s flesh that which is true and divine bread. But we doubt and ask if this really truly is a miracle? And is it God Himself in this bread and wine which I am about to take and eat? This is a divine moment, yet doubt to the physical sinful person. Yet it is Holy and true taking, the actual taking of the presence despite not knowing if it is what it is but yet I take it.

My own physical presence in the midst of the presence of God, is note worthily and divinely intended that the elect should not see it as such when taking this bread and wine. “I am not worthy”, is a humble and holy asking.

What is this bread and drink that I always come to take, always will take no matter what. I believe it to be bread from Heaven and Christ, yes I do but where might Christ be within it? “I can not see”, “What is it?”.

***to edit***Like Adam and Eve who wonder of life into its hands upon the physical and wonders what is this while on the other hand Were upon this world but instead ask God Himself but see it only with our inner eye of faith that sees what it is holding and asking what this may be?

Lecture videos by Dr Brant Pitre: